During our one millionth conversation about my desire to move back to Boston last week I had this weird panic moment that if it ended up actually happening there is SO MUCH of the Bay Area that I haven't seen. I couldn't imagine thinking: I lived 25 minutes from Stanford but never saw the campus.
So, today we changed that.
We parked near the art museum and made our way across campus to the quad and book store. All of a sudden Bentley (and all the other small New England schools I toured) seemed so incredibly lame.
Stanford is Beautiful! It reminded me of something in Europe.
Today I felt really lucky to live in such an awesome (and warm: low 70s in January!) place.




2014 was SUCH a memorable year for our family of four! 
It feels like we welcome a new child each year around here. It was so much fun having just Brooklyn but after this whole year of having two girls, I can't imagine life without both of them. 
I technically started my new job last August but really began working January 1st after my maternity leave. Its been SUCH an amazing change for both me and the family. My new company has a great work life balance and I am home every evening. 
We did a lot of fun traveling, most noteably Cabo in March with all the kids and a trip to Turkey and Greece last fall {still need to post that!} We celebrated Thanksgiving in Scottsdale with Rob's family and Christmas in Boston with my family. Three of my best friends; Sarah, Colleen and Jenna got married so were were in Boston a lot this year too. Our nanny, Nora also got married in June and moved out of our house which was really sad. And my sister got engaged near Christmas time! 
Brooklyn started swim classes the beginning of the year at 18 months and soccer in the summer. Lydia began her swim classes at just 12 months last fall. Its so fun to already have the girls in sports and see how much they love doing their actives. 
I feel so blessed for this family of mine and look forward to adding baby boy in 2015! 

^^sarah's NYE party. miss these babes 
^^we did mascara and lip stick on brooklyn for the big occasion. 
^^kowloon for dinner with the family to ring in the new year 

^^the furs

^^on the ship, ringing in the new year

^^right after attempting to knock down the tree haha

^^happy new year kiss!




Boston. Boston. Boston. Have I said I want to move back here before? 
I am kind of obsessed with this town and all the people in it. 
We took a red eye from San Jose that landed Christmas eve morning. Lydia is the worst traveler lately and did not sleep the entire flight. She was that child. Rob actually decided on this very night that we would not be having any more children. Thanks Lydia! 
After we recovered from the flight the fun started. 
Every time I come home the fun is non stop. We went to parties five nights in a row. 
Christmas eve at my dad's side of the family.
Christmas day with my mom's side of the family.
Butterfly annual holiday christmas swap party.
My cousin Michelle's 30th surprise birthday. 
My dad's sister's family came to our house for a belated Christmas party. 
We had a break for two nights then it was NYE party at Sarah's followed by Kowloon with the family to ring in the new year.  
In between all the parties we went to Disney on ice, the Wakefield park, King's bowling, monster golf, Celtic's game for Rob and I, and lots of time on the Rody's.
Such an amazing week with such amazing people.
So in love with Boston. 

^^arriving in boston at 6am, brooklyn is the VERY best traveler these days 
^^christmas eve with my dad's side of the family! two little santas 

^^this was the view christmas morning. we were all obsessed with those rodys

^^opening their big gift: a lap top! lucky kiddos 

^^brooklyn trying the extra large rody
^^my mom bought lydia matching pjs to her! 
^^getting fancy for our christmas day party at my aunt peggys 
^^she seriously adores these girls  
^^lydia had an immediate fall on her rody and bumped her lip. finally warming up with a kiss

^^seriously these rodys haha

^^we love getting to spend time with my sister and -soon to be- brother in law
^^Happy 30th Michele! My cute cousin's surprise birthday party

^^after church on sunday we drove 2 minutes to the boston temple. its SO close to my house. hint hint husband ;)
^^look at that belly! 30+ weeks here
^^DISNEY ON ICE! Brooklyn was definitely the biggest fan. everyone with their wands before the show
^^Lydia just wanted to eat chips... the whole time
^^i got rob celtics tickets for christmas. it was so fun to slip away from the chaos into the city. 
^^riding the t back to wakefield was such a fun way to show rob the city
^^saw and drew were the best helpers for lydia at michael & matthew's hockey game
^^not liking her hat, or the cold #californiagirl
^^getting ready to brave the cold for a walk to the wakefield park
^^most of the crew on the swings

^^these two make me way too happy 

^^these were the hits of the week 

^^electronics. electronics .electronics. 
^^no surprise lydia was a huge mess on the flight home
^^landing in SJ, reunited with the rody