It has finally happened: Brooklyn's teeth are showing! At three months I was sure she would be teething soon after all the drooling she started to do. It was like one day she woke up and water was gushing out of her mouth and she needed to chew on everything. We waited and waited and waited but nothing happened. Fast forward to about three weeks ago, she had just recovered from her first cold and woke up one morning all sweaty with a light fever. I thought OK, this is it! Yet again, nothing. Then last week we were on vacation in Disney World (with my mother who is a dental hygienist- how appropriate) and the teeth appeared! No fuse, no waking up during the night or fevers. Her gums looked a little red one morning and the next I saw the top of a two little teeth. Interestingly the bottom two are both growing in at the exact same time and pace. I am surprised how long they are taking to grow, its been almost a week and they are about 1/10 of the way in. I keep asking her to say "ah" so I can see the little teeth. I am excited for when they grow and we can see them with every smile. They are just so cute!


  1. So sweet! Amazing how the gummy smile changes so quickly!

  2. literally obsessed with those little teeth!