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^^so in love with these two girls of mine
^^we are going forward in potty training but backwards in letting go of the binky. she will take any of these now. even the dog binky she use to hate.
^^our living room looked magical with that tree
^^remember the time we took out of fire place. now we have no where to hang out stockings. #fail
^^brooklyn actually does a really good job pushing lydia. easier for me!

^^sneaking a picture at the christmas creche exhibit in palo alto

^^we got a 10 entry pass for open gym gymnastics. brooklyn has a blast running around here 
^^typical lydia being naughty. she is suppose to be sleeping but laughing instead 
^^i had to throw this one up-- her blanket "my" being carried in her teeth. 
^^i got this picture from rob while on my girls trip. haha
^^jon & lisa got engaged!!!! 
^^more ice cream time
^^my favorite holiday look of the season 
^^brooklyn's outfit for a friend's birthday party. she loved carrying the purse 
^^my first 49er's game at the new stadium! such a fun night with my boo
^^seriously love this guy!
^^sometimes we let them lay in our bed and watch tv.. brooklyn in the zone

^^the girls mimic everything i do. they lydia is copying my squats here with the weight. 
^^mommy super pregnant and dead in bed. snuggles with my favorite girl 
^^doing a pre christmas celebration with our family. lydia finally got her dog that she unwrapped five times

^^church christmas party! 
^^another santa, another frightened lydia 

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