Our little Lydia is ONE MONTH old! She is such the apple of our eye it is totally crazy. I had a lot of anxiety prior to her being born that I wouldn't be able to love her the same way or as much as Brooklyn. Boy was I ever wrong....

At her two week appointment she had gained all her birth weight back and was up to 8 pounds again. We just switched her from NB diapers (which fit up to 10 pounds) to size 1 so I'm guessing she is close to the 10 pounds now. She is waking up every 2.5-3 hours to eat during the night. However we have had two nights with a 6 hour stretch! She is a very quite sleeper, which is awesome. Brooklyn use to squeak and squeal like a pig so the silence is music to our ears.  She is still very, very sleepy during the day. Her head/neck strength is getting a lot stronger in the last few days. She does not like tummy time much and will last for only a few minutes. She looks like she is on the edge of doing her first roll but isn't there yet. She virtually never, ever cries. I actually sometimes yearn to hear that sweet newborn cry. She is a great self soother and will suck on her hand or fingers. She will be moving into Brooklyn's old her own big girl crib once my sister leaves next week! Brooklyn will be transitioning into a twin bed at 15 months {Lord, help us!}. We call Lydia our little broken bird because of her small cough and twisted foot. The poor little thing is always chocking when she nurses. After she gasps for air and then does this little sad cough. It always makes us nervous and scared, something we will continue to monitor. As for her foot, it was twisted outwards while in the womb. It takes several months to correct itself so we are watching that too. She really is just the sweetest girl around. She is dainty, cuddly and totally girly. 

Happy one month, baby Lydia. We love you! 



My three favorite step kiddos came into town to visit their new baby sister. They were all really excited to meet Lydia but even happier to see Brooklyn and all her new tricks. She has perfected saying Brielle and Drew. Sawyer is a little harder but we are working on it. This was a short trip because new mama wasn't feeling well enough to host three extra kids for a full week. We did some swimming, going out to eat, Gilroy Gardens, cousin's birthday party, hanging out and church. 

Gilroy Gardens is the greatest place for kids ages 1-11. From Brooklyn to Brielle everyone had an absolute blast. There were only a few rides Brooklyn and Drew were not tall enough for but they were awesome and peacefully waited while the others did the ride. I couldn't get too many pictures because most of the rides are set back behind trees. I am not complaining because this is the beauty of Gilroy Gardens; it is actually set inside a garden!

I love seeing all of my little ones together. Such a great trip, as always. 

^^I love all five little people in this picture. Brooklyn had just woken up, can you tell? She was dazed out just enough to hold Lydia in the perfect baby pose.

^^Rob clearly had the best time on this ride. He begged to go again! Of course mom said yes. :)

^^Our family of SEVEN. Makes me feel at home, except a little luckier with three girls and two boys. 

^^ Look at that beautiful double stroller.. Mmmm, just love it!  

^^This is what riding a carousel with two kids under a year and a half, plus keeping an eye on a six year old looks like.... little fuzzy, little blurry. 
^^I am obsessed with the relationship these two have. Such little buddies. 
^^Happy 18th Birthday to Chase! 



After having a baby you are sore, sleep deprived and just in a general state of miserable-ness. Meals from the church and visits from friends are oh so nice but can only go so far. What every girl needs is a TV watching partner, a best friend to gossip with, a maid to clean her house, a nanny that on demand takes the baby and a chef that will fix unlimited meals for the several times you change your mind on what you feel like eating. The best thing about hired help is you can boss them around (a little) and you don't have to feel bad. Of course we aren't all celebrities, fortunately for us there is one person who can do all of these things, and better than anyone we could ever hire. That person is our mom. 

For me, my mom has been just what the doctor ordered after the birth of both my daughters. She somehow knows exactly what I need and when I need it.

Because we do live so far when we do get together its always the very best time. My mom came out for a week and a half to visit and help with Lydia a week after she was born. 

I was still am so sleep derived I didn't take my usual million pictures. It was awesome to have her here to take Brooklyn on a walk and to the park every morning while I got some sleep. Other than that daily ritual we spent hours watching home improvements shows and planning our dream homes, we did some shopping and errands, decorated and organized Brooklyn and Lydia's rooms, did a lot of eating out, got ice cream and cupcakes, visited with the in-laws, sister/brother-in-law and the cousins, went swimming, and picked pumpkins to name a few things.

This goodbye wasn't as sad as usual. 
We will be reunited at Thanksgiving and again at Christmas this year!

^^First time meeting! Lydia needed a minute to warm up to her grammy 
^^She is now rocking the glasses because she is a grandma!
^^Sprinkles cupcakes= heaven. 
^^This is what Brooklyn looks like when grammy brings her for ice cream. 

^^My girls are so lucky to have grandmas that love them the way these two do. 

^^Trying to control the wild woman. Look at Lydia's broken neck. 

^^From our day picking pumpkins. 

^^Brooklyn matches my mom and Lydia matches me. Love. 
^^Good bye mom! Until next month... 



We finally got the full disk of 55 different pictures to print! My mom always says you just need one to frame but we were so lucky to have a bunch that are super cute. 

Some of these pictures are super goofy, especially the family puzzle on the floor and Brooklyn in her Halloween costume. We got a little delirious by the end and our posing ideas started to become questionable.

I love these pictures so much because they are of all my favorite people in the world. <3


My mom is in town! She came to help with Lydia but since Lydia is the easiest, best baby possible her trip has turned more into playing with Brooklyn and doing fun activities. I haven't been great with the camera but we did snap a lot of shots while pumpkin picking at Spina Farms. 

This day was extra fall because of the slightly cooler weather and the fall-ish clouds that rolled in right before we started picking. Brooklyn had a blast choosing her pumpkin, going through the hay maze, playing inside the large pumpkin structure and cruising on the hay ride.

This little girl melts my heart. And my moms too.. 

^^Hunching over and looking into the sun. Winner combination.
^^At least my mom is looking. Posey-posey.

^^I may have to buy her a wheel barrel. She really likes to push them and ride inside. 
^^This is one of 80 pictures we tried to take in that chair. Sadly, this was the best.

^^My favorite big girl! 
^^Navigating through the corn maze. We were actually pretty nervous one of those bigger kids was going to stomp on Brooklyn as they jumped from hay stack to hay stack. Luckily, she escaped. 

^^Best buddies right here.

^^Choosing the perfect pumpkin. Little girl knows just what she wants.
^^I love this one!

^^Hay ride in true Halloween fashion. All of our faces look slightly warped. SpOooOky