Lisa's bachelorette party was a HUGE success! We did held it down the Cape in Hyannis. I was super stressed leading into the weekend worrying if the weather would be good or we had enough activates planned. In the end it was just perfect. My phone was full so I basically have no pictures. I attached the itinerary below if anyone is looking for a bachelorette weekend. On the way out we got a fried basket Seafood Sam's, Mermaid Taffy (peanut butter and fluff is out of this world), and milkshakes at Maryanne's Coffee. Only thing I would have added to this weekend; after the boat cruise we attempted to go to Sundea School but there were lines 30 cars deep to get in. That place is one of my happiest childhood memories. So fun being back down the Cape, we are planning a family get-a-way there for next summer!
^^the tiny jon look-a-like. I thought it was life size haha!

^^the whole gang! in our Friday night black dresses & the bride in white

^^some ladies on the senior citizen boat cruise. the food was AMAZING however

^^and the views were pretty unreal too

^^best lobstah sandwich I have ever tasted!
Lisa’s Bachelorette Weekend Itinerary
“Last sail before the Veil”
Friday August 7th
Arrive at hotel: Hyannis Harbor Hotel, 213 Ocean Street, Hyannis, MA, 2601
Early Arrivals: Beach/pool/ free time.
3:00pm: Check into suites
7:00pm: Meet in Lisa’s Suite for Bachelorette gifts /panty poem/ to receive weekend gift bag/ bachelorette games/ pre dinner drinks
{Dress code: Little black dress & heels- We will be way overdressed for the Cape but Lisa sent me this picture so let’s try to get something close to that!}
8:15pm: head to lobby to depart to dinner location (0.9 miles/5 minute cab ride)
8:30pm: Dinner reservation at Beech Tree Cantina (599 Main St, Hyannis, MA, 02601) Live music begins at 7pm // outdoor bar to follow dinner
Saturday August 8th
10:00am: Meet at Bluewater Grille (at the hotel, buffet ends at 11am)
*Beach/pool/ free time.*
2:30pm: Meet in lobby to depart to Improper Bostonian (9.5 miles/20 minute)
{Dress Code: Bachelorette weekend tank tops & jeans. Also bring a sweatshirt/ sweater for the boat cruise after. I will have my car so you can leave anything you want in there. We will be going directly from Improper Bostonian to Boat Cruise}
3:00pm: Arrive at Improper Bostonian (626 Main St, Dennis Port) for Happy Hour with Jim Plunkett!
5:45pm: Meet outside Improper Bostonian to head to Boat cruise (7 mi / 15 mins)
6:00pm: board Lobster Roll Cruise (356 Sesuit Neck Rd, South Dennis, MA)
6:30-8:30pm dinner & cruise!
9:00pm: Head back to hotel (13 miles/22 minutes)
Keep the party going à The Black Cat Tavern & Spanky’s Clam Shack & Seaside Saloon (both 2 minute walk from hotel)
Sunday August 9th
11:00am: Check out of suites // stay or depart // no set plan



^^i can never get enough of those new baby teeth pics :)

^^it is so so fun to see them play together
^^our old family room that has now turned into a play room. rob calls it the "junk yard"

^^sitting up like a champ!
^^always a mess. literally always 

^^they like to take "steamy" showers all of a sudden
^^the kids are back to school-- gymnastics has started up again! 

^^hanging with her buddy, hudson

^^i would say pool days are winding down but we live in california…. so, that will probably start to happen in october
^^lydia feeding london-- too funny 
^^brooklyn and one of her besties, evelyn
^^little miss finally getting comfortable with the water
^^the view out my front window- so lucky to live in this neighborhood 

^^they were all fascinated with that truck- ugh 
^^rob came home to the "man bun" and immediately requested it to be taken out
^^before bedtime shows 
^^Lydia has busted out of her crib and now likes to sleep in Brooklyn's bed
^^playing with Brooklyn's new bunny house from grammie and papa
^^cute girls at the swim club!
^^Lydia has starting pooping in the potty! she gets rewarded with a chocolate ball each time.

^^tiny shopping carts at OSH
^^Lydia HATES her anna costume- I can't figure out why
^^ok she officially looks five! I LOVE this park across from our house- if we have to have the tiniest backyard at least we get to look out to this
^^we walked as a family to baskin robbins to celebrate beckett turning 6 months, he slept while we ate ice cream. ha!



My little baby is six months! How did this happen?!
Beck just started sitting and crawling! He seems so much more advanced than the girls were (especially poor Lydia). He is strong, has been making eye contact for months, passing objects between his hands and chewing everything in his path! He just broke his two bottom teeth last week. I cant believe how much this little guy eats! He sometimes will drink a full 8 oz bottle. Beckett is 50% height and weight, which confuses me because he seems so much bigger than that. His adorable little personality is already developing. He loves to look around and is so curious/ nosy. We haven't started feeding him solids mostly because our nanny situation is a disaster and I don't think she could handle feeding him solids. He is still sleeping through the night although he has woken up at 6am, hungry a few times lately. Beckett is SUPER happy and giggly. He loves when I nuzzle my nose into his neck and kiss him. He cracks up every time we play peek-a-boo or hide behind his crib and pop up. I'm so happy to have this little guy part of my family. We love you Beckett!

^^6 months stats: 50%/50%

^^bow ties at church!

^^teeth! that he didn't want to show me 

^^six months!