Jenna is getting married! And in grand Jenna style, of course we would go to the ultimate bachelor/ bachelorette weekend getaway: Las Vegas! We had such a blast spending all day at the pools and then dancing into the early morning at Hakkasan and XS. I am not a club person by any means but both places were pretty amazing. Friday night Tiesto was the DJ and David Guetta on Saturday night. I didn't realize how famous and accomplished these guys were with tons of their own music. Pretty cool to see them live. Sadly or not so sadly we didn't gamble at all. I kind of get anxiety losing more than $20 so I was glad people weren't interested in doing that. What a fun weekend to match the outrageously fun personality of Jenna. Can't wait for the wedding in September!
^^almost the whole bachelorette party: 14 girls total came!
^^me & the bride to be in matching suits!

^^these two are always laughing. and thats why they are my best friends <3

^^cruising the strip after the pool 

^^the crowds were insane. serious fire hazards everywhere, even the pool 
^^had to include this one. please notice david guetta's head in the crowd!


For our two year anniversary I got us tickets to sky dive. Rob has talked about going for as long as I have known him. I am beyond scared of heights so this gift was a total surprise. The plane ride up was exciting in itself. We weren't nervous until the door opened and it was time to jump! I hated the free fall until the parachute opened and we starting gliding down to earth. It felt exactly like the ride SOARIN at  Disney. I wanted to fly like a bird up there forever. Rob liked both parts of the jump and immediately said he wanted to go again. What a once in a lifetime experience! 

^^pre flight dance moves, getting the nerves out
^^a last minute kiss & i love you before potentially jumping to our deaths

^^the happiest i have ever been to see this guy! both safe on the ground



We left warm California to go watch the boys play their season finale baseball games in freezing Denver. It was a really quick trip but we packed in a lot of baseball, eating and swimming. We attempted to go to Red Rock Amphitheater but a concert was happening later that day and it was closed! This is after we parked and hiked five kids all the way up to the entrance. We also tried to go to the Coors Brewery but the line was too long. We ended up at the Children's Museum. It was just what all the kids needed after a long day of driving.

^^they aren't feeling these flights anymore

^^rob and mini me rob. all suited up for the big game 
^^we came a little under dressed. brooklyn wearing drew's sweatshirt. 
^^brooklyn trying to smile… its terrible 

^^frozen tongue on a pole 

^^the way up to red rocks

^^Lydia is doing a half sit now!


At 21 months this is happening... 
She has yet to drop out.
She balances on the side and 
calls for mommy and daddy
to see her hanging on the edge
its athletic
and awesome.


Thursday evening we boarded a red eye for Boston for the long awaited Smith-Colella wedding. I don't think I have ever seen a happier bride. I loved that they held hands for over 45 minutes during the entire service, it was so sweet. Sarah has been planning this wedding since we was 5 years old and it turned out just beautiful. Another first was Rob's sick dance moves. I say that in the most serious way. He was kind of the man out there. And I was lucky enough to be his dance partner. I loved this night, it brought back so many sweet memories of our wedding night. I felt extra romantic and was sure to let Rob know all night.

^^matching mommy-baby-sister outfits for our red eye

^^the I- do's!

^^and my eyelashes, which have inspired a current more permeant, fake eye lash 

^^oh, hey shawn
^^no, i am not pregnant. thanks for asking mom 

^^doesn't this picture look like 2005? i love it.