My sweet baby girl turned nine months on Friday. I can’t emphasize enough the truth of the phrase “say you blink and they are full grown”. The end of each month (her birthday is July 27th) is bittersweet and I can’t help but feel sad that the time is passing too quickly. I am so happy I now work part time and get to spend more days home with her than I do working each week.

Some things that have happened over this past month include two new little teeth, an extended vocabulary of sounds, her perfection of calling me “mom”, many new foods introduced like cheeses and seeds, a desire to feed herself with the spoon, improved creeping- moving from object to object almost in a walk, standing for just a second, her clinginess for mom and only mom, spitting when she is done eating (something that drives me crazy!), enough hair that she can wear barrettes again and almost growing out of stage 2 diapers. 

Brooklyn gets more and more fun each day. I love to see her feisty little personality starting to bloom. She likes to be the center of attention and constantly moving and part of the action. She looks just like her dad but I think her personality is all me. We are loving every second of watching her grow and develop. 



We could not have had more fun (or done more) during our week long vacation to Disney World. My parents, the seasoned Disney veterans came up with a genius plan last time they were there: water parks during the day theme parks at night. 90 degree weather, blistering sun, long, long lines and a huge group of people has been a disaster in years past. This time we got a four day Disney World water/theme park pass, took one day at the hotel pool/outlet shopping/nice dinner and hit Universal on the final day. The week was perfect.

Rob, Brooklyn and myself boarded a plane bound for Denver Saturday morning, picked up Brielle, Sawyer and Drew and then flew together to Orlando. There we met my whole family: Mom, dad, Lisa, Jack, Michael and Matthew. With twelve people and two mini vans at moments I kind of felt like we were on the Griswold's family vacation to Walley World. We were able to go to both water parks- Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon and three of the four Disney parks; Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and finally Universal Studios.  

I am so thankful to my amazing parents for putting together AND paying for this family vacation. Their generosity is overwhelming sometimes. I am still having withdrawals from Disney and my family. I will be back in Orlando next month for a work trip and I am already trying to figure out a way I can sneak in a trip to the park!

^^ plane ride to orlando
^^ all the kids! 
^^ first day at typhoon lagoon

^^all dolled up as minnie mouse for her first night in disney

^^ rocking our ears at magic kingdom

^^after our first full day of craziness, we still love each other
^^dole pineapple whip. one of the best creations of all time
^^fireworks at magic kingdom. someone was a little scared
^^blizzard beach. the winter themed water park

^^michael scaling the ice

^^my little girl is getting chunky!

^^hollywood studios. home of the tower of terror

^^i love these twins
^^ please notice the creep stash he decided to grow. not funny, at all
^^best parents (and grandparents!) in the world

^^ remember being 10 and getting a lunch-able, oh the good days

^^from the ride inside the big golf ball

^^ my little model <3

^^ the infamous typhoon lagoon ice cream bucket

^^ the wave pool. hours of fun

^^ we had way too much fun with the hats in mexico at epcot 
^^ norway..  
^^ morroco..
^^ soarin, the coolest ride at epcot 
^^causing trouble at the hotel
^^ last day at universal. they didn't make the height requirement :(

^^the last night at dinner