Beckett gives the best hugs! It's the weirdest thing, he literally hugs onto you when you hold him. The below picture is from when he is almost three months old. He has been doing his hug since about six weeks. It may be my favorite thing he does. He isn't necessarily snuggly like Lydia but more just does  the hug to hold on and elevate himself to look around. He is super nosy all of a sudden! Now at four months he's starting to smile tons and laugh too. I can push my face into his neck and make funny sounds and he will laugh. After so many months of blank stares it's unbelievably rewarding to hear that sweet laugh. I really just love everything about this boy! 



Today we went to the San Jose Children's Discovery Museum. Brooklyn and Lydia had the best time "discovering". And Rob and had the best time watching them. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids smile and learn new things.

^^dora has been their most recent show of choice-- they were thrilled to see her

^^this is my favorite new picture of lydia <3


June has been the hardest month for our little family. Returning to work after my maternity leave was so much more difficult than the other two times. I really loved staying home with my kids. The girls have been having a hard time with the transition but also the new au pair. They really loved Nora and miss her, especially Brooklyn. Rob has some things at work that may potentially change a lot. Its been giving me major anxiety waiting to find out. This month with my work has been crazy with travel and evening obligations. Beckett is still waking up to eat around midnight, 3AM and then either 6AM or 8AM. Brooklyn has joined the wake up party too. She keeps getting out of bed searching for her binkey. The other night she saw a spider (not sure how) at 1:30AM and said "its scary, its going to bite me!" and would not go back to bed until Rob hunted it down and killed it. 

My saving grace: The San Jose Swim & Racquet Club. 
Having the pool 0.4 miles from our house has been amazing. We usually walk because its quicker than loading all three kids into the car. Every time we are there I feel like we are on vacation. The kiddie pool is just perfect for the little girls. All the people are so friendly. Every time we go we meet some new friends. A couple of my neighbors are members as well so we meet up with them sometimes too. The best part I can bring the girls after work because it stays warm and light so late now. The girls love the playground too. Even though its a little pricey its been the very best decision to join! 

^^i had to put up this picture. lydia's face kills me here



^^all three on the swings. love my crew
^^lydia's smile just gets me.
^^story time at the library 
^^just feeding himself
^^she choose the fox! {happy hallow}
^^the creamery
^^girls night in san francisco! 
^^celebrating victoria & rob's birthday at uncle yu's
^^three month shots (we give him shots every month to break up too many at one time)
^^daddy time on the basketball court 
^^i love to match them for church
^^they each picked out their sunglasses
^^that cheesy far gets me every time
^^after staying up all night on the red eye to boston
^^ready to move back to boston ;)
^^lydia wasn't too happy to be getting dragged around in the laundry bucket
^^hes such a wiggle worm now. he pushes his feet and scoots around everywhere 


We celebrated Lisa's upcoming wedding last weekend with the funnest bridal shower. I only got the two pictures because I was busy playing host. I still can't believe my sister is getting married! We planned the shower at the Bebee Estate in Melrose with the intent of an outdoor whimsical garden theme. Well, the weather decided not to coorporate (like pouring rain) and there was some bizarre at exhibit all over the walls. Sunday morning I actually imagined Lisa walking in and crying because it looked so ugly inside. However after we got everything set up with the table cloths, flowers, and picture frames it actually looked pretty good. At least good enough to distract the eye from the walls. Lisa was just glowing! It made me so happy to see her so excited for her wedding. 


Rob will tell you this was his worst birthday ever. That I forgot to celebrate him. And then I gave him a "household appliance". OK, lets back up to the day I was in Costco a few weeks before his birthday. Rob had been (and still is) on a big smoothie kick in the morning. I was running around Costco with the kids when we heard the Vitamix guy say he was making soup. Wow I thought thats pretty cool, lets wait and taste some. While we waited I heard all the features and benefits AND that it was on sale and just knew I had to get it for Rob. He deserved "the best" blender not the old, cheap one that struggles to blend the ice. So I buy it, wrap it that night and in my mind his birthday is checked off. In the preceding weeks I go back to work, we switch our childcare situation, I go to Chicago for a week, come back and Rob and I are off to New Orleans with Beckett. We land super late Monday night and go to bed. I wake up Tuesday morning to a text from my sister saying Happy Birthday Rob! In my mind: Wait, is it really already June 2nd?! So I forgot, a little. I'm sorry! Worst wife award. But I totally made up for it a few weeks later with a mom and dad only father's day celebration. And although he thought the blender was a lame idea he has used it every.single.day! 

^^don't mind the christmas paper wrapping

^^lemon cupcake from sprinkles, a birthday tradition.
^^happy birthday daddy!



^^so fun to be on this vacation with just rob and beckett!
^^FELIX'S! amazing oysters there!
^^heaven on a plate. all i kept thinking was how happy i am to not be pregnant and be able to eat raw food!
^^bourbon is definitely a sketch area for children, even during the day
^^i loved the shopping down here! everything is madri gras, voodoo, alligator, pralines, hot sauce
^^we didn't get to see any jazz because we had beckett, i would love to come back and  go to a jazz club tho!
^^minus the trucks, i really like the cool architecture and different color buildings
^^tasting all the hot sauces. rob's favorite! 

^^doing it right at ACME! this place had the longest line all day. 
^^new borns are so easy to travel with. 
^^it poured the second day but the rain couldn't stop us! 

^^so fun being able to watch rob receive awards for his work performance! such a big crush on him that night! (and every night) ;)
^^rob's dinner was madri gras themed, of course. rocking the mask! 
^^we tried more pralines than i want to admit. these were THE BEST. i bought a 4 pack and ate them all.  you can order them online too!!