Where are you baby bump?

Tomorrow I am 18 weeks and don't feel like I have an appropriate "baby bump".......

I am in Utah for work, training some new staff when one nurse who I estimated to be about 7 months pregnant told me she was going to get her 20 week boy/girl scan later that day. I was literally shocked at how big her bump was! Outside of her round, cute belly she is thin. I instantly felt jealous.


I then took to the internet to look up what other people's bump reflect at 18 weeks. I found more or less everyone with the below ... 

Am I even pregnant?! WHERE IS MY BUMP!!!!!


Hungry, Hungry Hippo...

I never thought it would be possible to be as hungry or want food as much as I do now. This is quite the opposite from the last few months of food aversions and saltine crackers. I literally want to eat everything and anything in sight. Some favorites are tuna melts, chicken fingers with lots of ketchup, any pasta, pickles, baked chicken, potatoes, fried rice, lo mein, and just about anything sour. 

Its embarrassing to say but I find myself daydreaming about my next meal. Its not uncommon to send Rob a text at 10AM with a dinner recommendation. I have started to cook, not for the love of the activity but to get the exact combination of flavors I want. My latest creation below... a crepe with nutella, powdered sugar, whip cream and syrup. The diet coke you ask, that would be Rob's. I have naturally switched to everything non-diet. 

22 weeks and 6 days to go.... 


baby z's story

At 9 weeks we got the first ultrasound and a confirmation of a viable pregnancy. Our little baby z (our nickname) was growing at a good clip and healthy. They did some blood tests on me and they all came back normal.

At 12 weeks we got ultrasound pictures that actually look like a baby and further confirmation baby z is doing well! I couldn't believe how big the baby had grown over just three weeks. When the doctor first put it on the screen I actually asked is that MY baby? I thought maybe it was a screen shot from the last person because it was so big. It was amazing to see the baby moving around. Baby z was swimming fast and fluttering its little arms.

Rob was a saint to listen to all my complaining and assuring me the tough times would be over soon enough (until the third trimester). The beginning of February brought the second trimester and considerable relief from feeling tired and nauseous.

At 16 weeks we had the third doctor appointment. It was here that I found out we don't get any more pictures, quite disappointing! However we got to hear the heartbeat which was amazing and super fast. She felt my uterus which is growing at the right rate and is in the right position. Baby z is doing good!
Since I couldn't get an inside baby picture I took one from the outside of my recently growing belly. 

Next Milestone: 7:45AM, March 9, 2012 
We find out if our sweet baby is a girl or a boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blog Introduction

Ever since I first heard about blogs I really enjoyed reading them. I always wanted to make my own however I never had anything interesting to write about. This year my life got a little more blog-worthy. A few highlights: 

1. Marrying the love of my life and becoming Mrs. Tara Williams:

2. Becoming a step mom to these three amazing children:
(Brielle, Drew, Sawyer)

3. Moving back to the Bay Area and getting this stud as a roommate: 

4. Landing my dream job selling/developing the west coast market with an innovative med device start up based out of Boston. 

5. Getting to house hunt with Rob and make a home together. 

could a girl get any luckier? Oh yes, theres more....