49ers RUSH

I have loved running my entire life. When I moved to California I was introduced to racing which I immediately loved. I have always shared this with Rob but to my disappointment he HATES running. After several years of reminding him how fun (and good work out) running is I gave him the bug! He realized he could squeeze some good workouts in by running through our neighborhood and I think actually started to like it. I kept showing him races I wanted to do but he wasn't interested. Then one day about 2 months ago he called me and said he signed us up for a 49ers 5k. I literally almost started crying tears of joy. It was one of the greatest phone calls I have ever received. We ran the race yesterday and had an absolute blast! The race weaved through the different parts of the stadium including the players practice field and even where the players park their cars. We ended the race on the field. I had an ear to ear smile the entire time. It was such a fun morning with my husband!

^^his first race, ever! (i'm 24 weeks pregnant here)
^^the cheerleaders at the starting line. don't look too excited Rob :) 
^^we took a quick picture stop half once we got to the top of the stadium around the 2 mile point 



This Halloween was so much more relaxing than last year. Instead of trying to go to every single Halloween event we choose just a few and did some of our own fun things from home instead. Brooklyn is only two but really got into decorating and baking and buying things for our costumes this year. I don't think she understood what Halloween is exactly but that we would be eating a lot of candy (especially candy corn!) and wearing dress up cloths. I love dressing up the girls and shopping for things with them. I am so excited for the years to come with these two.

^^we bought an elsa wig but then the costume changed direction.. 

^^my little snow white 
^^brooklyn & her cute friend trudy at the church trunk or treat party 

^^little halloween bum  
^^brooklyn has been really into "shopping" lately. we are picking up some items at michael's here (the scary mask was not purchased) 
^^for a family home evening activity we learned to "work together". brooklyn helped frost these awesome ghosts!

^^painting our pumpkins 
^^i was really impressed with my pumpkin
^^im so in love with this girl 
^^trick or treating downtown willow glen during the day (nora brought them this year)

^^halloween night! pageant parents and our toddlers in tiaras. this didn't come out totally as i envisioned.. our shirts were kind of disasters (especially rob's) and the girls didn't want to wear the hair or crown. next year we may be doing the little kids only 

^^hey long hair

^^little girl out on the streets. everyone thought she was a swimmer 
^^end of the night counting the candy brooklyn collected



October beach days are hands down my favorite. My girls may love the beach even more than I do. They will stay all day and night, playing in the sand and splashing in the water. It gives me so much joy to see them so happy. This was a couple days before Halloween and it was 88 degrees! It doesn't even get that hot during the summer in Santa Cruz. Northern California beaches have a serious indian summer and it is amazing. We stayed until almost 6pm soaking up every moment of this gorgeous beach day. Hopefully many more to come this winter!

^^thanks adria, always my personal photographer :)

^^this girl of mine. how did i get so lucky. already my bff <3

^^tried to get artsy at sunset


I haven't done a post to my new baby boy yet. Little baby we are already so in love with you! Rob could not be happier about having a boy. As soon as we found out it was a he, Rob put me on a strict eating and exercising plan and has already started choosing his future sports. We still haven't started thinking about a name but when we do, its going to be a secret between Rob and I until he is born. ;) No more outsider opinions this time around. 
I have been craving tomato, tomato sauce like crazy this time around. Also, sweets and indian food. I have been driving Rob nuts with the curry smell- man has a very sensitive nose.
This pregnancy has been even easier than the girls. I really am one lucky mama. People keep asking if we are crazy to have kids so close. Our two girls and these pregnancies have just been so easy. Fingers crossed this baby boy keeps our trend going strong. 

^^the big announcement! baby #3

Some photos at 22 weeks:

^^i love that both my girls are forcing themselves into the picture :)
^^she is non stop with the attention needing sometimes. case in point: sitting on my bump!



After being really let down by ABC farms aka bounce house parking lot we set out to find the ultimate pumpkin patch. Uesugi farms in Morgan Hill did not disappoint. This place was super cute with tons of picture opportunities which I totally loved. I took the girls down one day and met some friends. We choose to do the hay ride and kids butterfly corn maze. My usually angelic girls ended up being devils after being there about 45 minutes. Brooklyn was running wild and Lydia was just whining/ crying the whole time because she was tired. I think this was one of the first days I have felt really stressed out being pregnant with two little ones. It made me nervous to think we will be adding a third baby to mix pretty soon. It was still super cute. Next year we will be returning, this time with Rob!

^^brooklyn helping lydia choose a pumpkin, nothing sweeter

^^hay ride! see how snotty brooklyn is, even in the pictures
^^super cute butterfly corn maze

^^brooklyn was too tired to walk and lydia finally falling asleep