I am absolutely LOVING my time at home with the kids. When I was on leave with Lydia Nora was still living with us and here every day. I really use her as a crutch when she's around. I felt pretty bored and was actually looking forward to going back to work. This maternity leave I had her go to a friend's house Tuesday through Thursday. She has been working about 5 hours on Monday and Friday for us. Most days I still take the kids and have her clean but its nice to have her if I want to run to the gym or do errands while the girls nap. For the most part I really feel like a full time stay at home mom. There are hard moments but overall its been amazing. I keep thinking I will start to get bored and want to go back to work but it hasn't happened yet. Every day is so much fun. It helps that all of my friends stay home and are available to hang out too. I am really really considering exploring the option of part time when I return. I am going to be heart broken when I need to go back to work! 

^^hes killing it at tummy time
^^my little disaster lydia. she's at such a destructive age 
^^hoarding the balls at gymnastics 
^^my mom gave her this elsa shirt. its way too big and looks super ghetto. brooklyn wants to wear it every day. the outfit was half way redeemed with her lulu lemon pants. i die every time she puts them on
^^she cannot be trusted with a cupcake anywhere but the bath tub haha
^^cutest pottery barn towel rob's friend gave us. "beck" is embroidered on the back
^^they got a bath right after beckett and really wanted to get in his tub.
^^brooklyn likes to sneak into lydia's crib and keep her awake at night. we always check on them before we go to bed and found this one night. i love their relationship.    
^^so many beach days! this is something i can't do while i am working because its a 45 minute drive each way. its so close but feels so far away when we aren't going. the best part about living in california is year round access to the beach. 
^^i brought just the girls one nora was here. they really needed my full attention

^^shes such my little ham. 
^^poor beckett is really getting neglected being the third child. i haven't been able to breast feed him so i pump and feed him a bottle. sadly this is how he usually eats while i pump. 
^^climbing the apple tree in our back yard
^^sister love on the merry go round at happy hallow
^^the little cars are always a favorite
^^new mini carts at target. brooklyn thought she was so big pushing her cart around 

^^my handsome boy! my mom outfitted him until 9 months with ralph lauren jump suits. i love how preppy he looks 
^^another day at happy hallow. riding danny the dragon with my three favorites
^^brooklyn has mostly stopped taking naps but still takes a "rest time" when we are home. if we are out she gets tired and sometimes just lays down for a minute. it cracks me up

^^a smoothie with mom. she loves going to starbucks 
^^hes either stretching on yawning all the time. i love how cute he looks

^^lydia is really interested in the potty. she wants to be a big girl like brooklyn. 


Brielle got a lead in her school play! Even with a 7 week old Rob and I could not miss her very first performance so we flew out for the night. Beckett did so well on his first flight. He slept pretty much the entire time including while we were in Denver. He has become a really, really good baby. 
We brought Beckett so the kids could meet their baby brother for the first time. It was adorable to see how excited they were to see and hold him. We got to Denver in time to hang out with the kids before the play, get some froyo and watch Sawyer play his piano routine that he was preforming that night at his recital. Drew, bless his heart came with us to the school play, second night in a row. I loved that he told us before Brielle was going to come out, every time. Brielle totally nailed it! She looked like a natural on stage and her voice was amazing! I think this is going to be the first of many plays to come for her. 

^^rob and his favorite mini-me, drew 

^^that yawn.. it gets me every time 
^^brielle's character pretended to be an old woman but was actually a thief 

^^4 of our 6 kids. missing the girls in this picture

^^chilling in his chair seat through the airport 

^^beckett and i so, so tired on the flight home
^^brooklyn missed beckett so much she about tackled us when we walked through the door 


One of my very favorite parts of being a mom is holidays. Seeing my girl's faces light up when they walk out to their gifts its just the best feeling. They are at such fun ages that anything we buy they just love! Rob and I are making an effort to not spoil them so we have kept gifts small and simple (and really inexpensive as long as we can). 
I thought I would decorate a little more but its actually a lot of work. I am happy if I can just get a few things from the dollar store and tape them to the wall. 
This Easter was a little different than years past. I am still getting up most of the night with Beckett. My sister's flight left at 8AM out of San Francisco so I was up super early to drive her. It was general conference weekend so we didn't have church. I basically slept all day while Rob cooked a ham dinner for us. I really like having traditions at every holiday although having Easter up in the air is kind of fun. It gives us the opportunity to spend the day with family or friends or just our family. 

^^the easter basket scene 

^^trying to get a picture of them both with their ears. 
^^the biggest hit was the elsa and anna pez dispensers my mom left for their baskets

^^more play doh-- brooklyn's latest obession
^^after dinner rody ride to end easter day