My poor baby.
Brooklyn has hand, foot, and mouth disease and several infected cuts. 
Little girl played so hard at the pools in Orlando, she had several scrapes and cuts on her body. Since getting the hand, foot, and mouth disease those have become infected. We got antibiotics for the cuts but she just has to tough out the h, f & m disease. She hasn't been able to eat either because the sores inside her mouth. The very saddest part is we need to keep her away from Lydia because it is so contagious. Brooklyn doesn't understand and is so sad they can't play together. Its the most heartbreaking thing to see your child cry "owie, owie!"suffering in pain.
Feel better soon our sweet little baby. 

^^inspecting her "hello kitties"



Seriously this face kills me. Lydia is hands down one of the happiest babies I have ever seen. She is always smiling and lighting up when you look her way. She still isn't sleeping as great as we would like. She goes down about 11PM/midnight and wakes up around 4AM but just needs her binky then wakes around 7AM for a feeding then sleeps until about 9:30AM. People are constantly stopping to look at her and say how cute she is and they can't believe all her hair. I loved hearing I have a cute baby at first but now its to the point where I'm like OK, I know.. I get it.. thanks. 
Her big sister is defiantly overshadowing her in the mile stone department (Brooklyn is at my favorite age ever right now) but Lydia has had a lot of big moments this month. 

she ate rice cereal for the first time (the picture above)
she rolls like a champ now. we can't leave her anywhere anymore. 
she sleeps with her neck almost perpendicular to her body. it looks incredibly uncomfortable
she is babbling like crazy. she wants to talk so bad
she opens her mouth or reaches out for any food
she can put her binky in herself now
she regularly feeds herself the bottle 
she is very interested in her toys; swatting them and grabbing them
she loves to watch TV or the iPad 
she loves to listen to music, she is almost to the point where she can dance back and forth 
she has a new habit of slapping me. when i nurse her she will wind up her arm and slap me right in the chest as hard as she can. not sure why its happening but it kind of hurts
she also has started grasping things and pinching it in a rhyme {perhaps a future musician with her rhythm?} 


Brooklyn is 19 months! 
So much has changed over the last month. 
It seemed like she knows she is a year and a half old and it was time to start speaking in sentences and doing all kinds of other amazing things to shock her parents. 

This little girl is an amazing talker. She has had a large vocabulary for many months now. She can pronounce tons of words spot on but there is one that just makes us laugh every time. She calls herself Norman. And it sounds exactly like that! We will even say to her, "say norman" and she says it then we will say, "say brooklyn" and she says the SAME word. Its the weirdest and funniest thing. Especially because most of the other words she says that don't sound perfect at least resemble the word. 

Some little Brooklyn sayings:
All of a sudden she loves to hug Lydia. And hold her, and pick her up
I tried to put boots that were too small on her and she cried out, "too small! other boots"
I gave her an ice cube and she said "cold!"
I microwaved her dinner and she took one bite and said "too hot"
she can count… "1,3,4,7,8" {we need to work on the in between numbers}
she can retrieve anything-- my phone, diapers, certain shoes, etc (even in another room)
she lets me know if any cloths are "too tight"
she chooses her own shoes now. she prefers her crocks or boots 
she has perfected every single body part. her most recent favorite is her "big toe"
she wears her hair in a pony tail! 
lydia kind of slouched down from her sitting up position and brooklyn screamed " lydia fell down!" 
she knows possessive things like- my nose, lydia's nose, brooklyn's nose 
she copies EVERYTHING we do. two examples: after painting her nails she took the bottle and brushed it back and forth on her toes, i was biting my nails and she put her fingers in her mouth and started making a chewing motion,  
when i nurse lydia she points to me says "lydia's milk"