We went to Tahoe one weekend while the kids visited. The ride up was a nightmare. Five kids, bored and whining for six hours will make you want to pull your hair out. But once we finally arrived it was just beautiful! We stayed in a great three bedroom condo that was super close to the beach and a park. I love being near nature and seeing the beauty thats around us. The views from our hike were breathtaking and sitting on the beach as well. I wish Tahoe was a little closer, maybe we will head up for a week next year.

^^these views, seriously.. 


Seeing pictures of my husband and his five kids makes me smile 
{and laugh a little too} 
When its him and the five he looks so sweet and sooo overwhelmed. 
Heres to five more my sweetheart! 


The kids decided they would like to pick some fruit while here in California. We drove down to Davenport and picked strawberries then went to the infamously cloudy beach. I have heard about Davenport from lots of friends but never experienced its beauty first hand. This day was so peaceful I didn't want it to end. If you live near here a trip to Davenport is a must! 

^^walking to pick the strawberries 

^^her smile is killing me lately. still my main squeeze 

^^davenport beach is heaven. even if its not sunny, just gorgeous 

^^i don't think she liked being tied in the blanket 



The 4th of July has been one of my favorite holidays as long as I can remember. I think Boston celebrates it extra good because, well thats where it all began. Here, we need to try to find all the festivities. We started the day at the church pancake breakfast and parade then headed down to Aptos in the evening for beach bonfire and fireworks with friends. The day was pretty magical from watching Brooklyn walk in the parade to the red, white and blue fireworks bursting over the ocean.

^^she doesn't have a bike or scooter so i decorated her baby stroller

^^when we arrived it was evident walking the baby stroller would be too slow. my good friend kari had brought an extra, decorated scooter brooklyn was able to ride. 

^^blue eyes<3

^^this family of mine. how did i get so lucky

^^beach bonfire with my family and good friends 



I am obsessed with being in Boston, enough to fly back for 48 hours, with two kids, alone. The flight there was pretty bad and the one home was even worse. We had a connection each way and Lydia decided to cry almost the entire time (6 hours) on both flights. Mom may have shed a tear too. Especially on the fight from Atlanta to San Francisco that left at 9PM and everyone on the plane was sleeping. It was a really hard one.
Being in Boston was amazing though and totally worth it. The weather was perfect, we went to the beach Saturday and the pool Sunday. I got to go to Jenna's wedding shower too! Its always a party at my house when I come home. Ah how I love being in Boston. See you again in August! 

^^as soon as she boards the plane she grabs the instruction guide to "find the babies", requested her snack and apple juice. serious frequent flier.
^^if they had only slept, or stayed there, or just didn't cry...

^^wedding shower! bentley bridesmaids 

^^regular diaper in the pool, gets us every time