Another work trip to Orlando, another extended week spent in Disney World.  
Last year Brooklyn had a special Disney World trip with both her grandparents and uncle Matthew. This year it was my mom and brother Michael who came down. We stayed at the Swan and Dolphin Resort which was awesome because its located inside the park. You can walk right from your hotel to Epcot and take a quick boat shuttle to MGM (super convenient). The weather was high 80s, pretty unusual for this time of year so we really lucked out. It was so nice and relaxing hanging by the hotel pool and a blast at the parks. Lydia is moving out of being a sleepy newborn and into a semi alert infant. She was looking around at all the attractions and just so happy. 

Disney World is truly the Happiest Place on Earth! 

^^Brooklyn was absolutely frightened by all the characters. such a disappointment! 


I had to document Brooklyn's little purple doggie and pink blanket obsession. 
Brooklyn received the cute pink blanket as a tiny baby from her Grammy Williams. It is so warm and cozy we started putting her to sleep with it and soon it was the only thing she wanted. She wraps the stain in her fingers and rubs it on her nose and mouth. She also likes to drape it on her shoulders like a cape and walk around with it. Its just a pacifier, as soon as she lays down with it she is instantly ready to go to sleep. 

^^Newborn baby Brooklyn with her fresh cozy blanket 
^^The cape. 
^^caught the nose rub in action

The purple talking doggie was a first birthday gift from an unknown giver. 
There was no name on the box and for the longest time I couldn't figure out who gave it to us. Just last week when we were in Florida my mom said she thinks it was from her. We will give her the credit unless anyone else comes forward to claim it. 
Anyways, Rob programmed it to sing a bunch of songs, say Brooklyn's name and talk about all her favorite foods. She has learned a lot of words and to sing Happy Birthday from listening to this dog every night before bed. She knows to pinch each of the different paws to get a different activity. 

I'm pretty sure these two things will be with us for years to come. In case they aren't I want her to always remember just how much she loved her pink blanket and purple doggie. 


Rob and I have been married two years! 
It literally feels like yesterday we were planning all the final details to that magical day. I couldn't believe how quickly that night went by. These last two years have flown too. I wish I could freeze time, almost daily. This is hands down the happiest time of my life. I am so, so blessed for all I have. 
Two years ago when we were planning the wedding I really wanted to get married on Valentine's day. I thought it would be just the most romantic thing possible. February 14th ended up being on a Tuesday and basically my mom said no. We settled for the Saturday before, February 11th. I remember feeling pretty disappointed but now I love it-- we get a whole week to celebrate! The two most romantic days of the year in one week. Lucky us! 

We ate dinner at the delicious Nick's Next Door in Los Gatos on our anniversary, went to an Imagine Dragon concert and did our annual terribly awesome love flick on Valentines day. This year it was Labor Day and although the previews looked promising it ended up being just as bad as every other year. The week was perfect. 

^^Nick's has this cute tradition that you write a love note in this book that they serve the bill with. Rob is hiding his naughty sign off! If you go there look for our names! 

^^Imagine Dragon concert

And then we exchanged gifts. This year was the best!! I got Rob sky diving tickets. Both our mothers almost had a heart attack when we told them. Truthfully I am beyond frightened. I am actually really afraid of heights. Rob has wanted to go for so long I had to finally give in. He gave me the most thoughtful below gifts-->
^^I am really into monogrammed things and told Rob I wanted earring like I saw on Kim Kardashian (yes, I'm a loser) and he picked these! I love them and get to rock my man's initials every day!
^^And the biggest gift of all! My ring with the new setting! It was turned into kind of a disaster after I tried to get it soldered and they decided to combine the metal of the two rings and made it look completely different and ugly. I am so, so happy it looks {almost} exactly like my original ring! 

^^And just because I'm feeling nostalgic. The summer before we got married! -- seems so long ago!



I have to admit I haven't loved our trips to Denver the last few times because of how crazy they have been. It feels like we try to pack a whole month of activities into just one weekend.
Now with five kids things like that are becoming increasingly more difficult. 

Rob and I have talked about buying an apartment or condo so things could be more "normal" less vacation-ish when we visit but it really doesn't make economic sense. And we definitely couldn't afford the indoor pool we get at the hotel. 
For now the Courtyard Marriott will just need to be our second home. 

This trip we really just chilled and had a "normal" weekend. 
Saturday we went to Sawyer's baseball practice, hung out at the hotel, did some swimming then ventured out for dinner and ice cream.
Sunday was more of the same except church and a park instead of baseball. 

My step kids are getting older and behaving better and better each time we are together. Especially Brielle, she is blossoming into such a beautiful young woman and is a great example for Brooklyn. I love how much little B looks up to her older sister. She chants her name every single day while pointing to the many pictures around our house. 
It's pretty darling. 

Please notice Rob in the background of every single one of these pictures. 
This guy has had so much going on with work lately, (and our week of love last week, blog post coming later) he really needed a relaxing weekend. 
We chilled h.a.r.d in Denver. 




Last weekend we were feeling touristy so we got a hotel in San Francisco for the night. 
Even though we are only 45 minutes from the city we rarely go up, just because
We started the morning at the farmers market in the Ferry building, played in some parks, walked the Embarcadero, and explored Pier 39 all afternoon. I had a freak back attack which kind of ended the fun towards the evening. Instead of hitting the night like we planned we got chinese food delivered, watched TV and were in bed by 9PM.  
We had a grand plan to get brunch and bring it to Dolores Park, until we woke up. It was down pouring and cold. Instead we ate at Dolores Cafe and enjoyed views of the park from instead. We finished the weekend at the legendary and completely underwhelming Bi-Rite Creamery. 

^^ ferry building.. such a cute spot

^^ matching jean romper and sun hat. dressing these girls is one of the best parts of my life
^^ my little musician tipping the band

^^ this family of mine,… just makes me smile every time i see us togther

^^ i spy Alcatraz on my left  

^^ there wasn't a happier face in san francisco at this moment 

^^ i can't believe we order her a kids meal

^^Bi-Rite Creamery… 
^^ so excited, sadly suchhh a disappointment.  
^^ of course, brooklyn liked it 

^^ and my favorite picture of the weekend ...love him, so much...