June Baby Updates

Lots to report for the month of June..... just over 5 weeks until our sweet pea is born!

The great bedding debate- solved.
Thank you to friends and family who sent me numerous links of bedding and suggestions of where to find things. Rob and I just could NOT decide what to choose. Every set we looked at we found something wrong with. A week ago we said thats it, we are just going to order something. Lisa bought the hanging mobile when she came to visit so we wanted to incorporate that and the butterflies into the design. We settled on the below pink and green butterfly quilt that we really love.

Michael & Matthew bought the minnie blanket at Disney World- sweet uncles! 

Baby classes: CPR & delivery/birth 

My gorgeous husband below paying such good attention to the babies while on his cell phone. This 3 hour class was actually really informative. We learned how to give baby, infant and child CPR among other safety tips.

The second class we took, the birth and delivery class was NINE HOURS! This also was extremely informative and I am really happy we went. It was a good refresher for Rob and necessary for me. We learned everything from identifying contractions to different birthing positions to pain options. The above was one of the posters they told us to take a picture of and study. As you can see here there is a really long, painful yellow road that is a natural birth or a short street road that includes "rest and wait." We have chosen for me to journey down the short street road with an epidural :)

Last work trip!! (finally!)

I am currently in Arizona for a three day work trip and this will be my last until after the baby! I have been traveling around the west coast installing the new device like a crazy person and I am so relieved that I will not have to fly anymore. The doctor said flying until 36 weeks on short flights is OK but it has been making me really anxious to be away just in case I go into early labor. I am looking forward to spending time working in the Bay Area close to Rob. 

34 weeks! 

Final Preparations

Although I feel anxious and nervous about giving birth I just think about all the people who have done it already and it makes me feel better. The hospital bag is packed, birth plan written, car seat purchased, we feel as prepared as possible. It has been fun over the last several months buying all the different baby stuff with Rob. Now if the baby only had her real own room but that soon will be solved too! 

We are closing escrow July 22nd!   
We went back and forth debating between renting and owning and ultimately even though we do not anticipate being in this home long term it made more sense to buy. We can control any improvements, resale value, tax breaks but mostly because the rental properties were expensive and crap. This home was purchased in a short sale which actually should be called a long, expensive sale. We ended up paying $15,000 over the asking price- silicon valley real estate is crazy right now. Its 2,040 square feet, 4 bedrooms, in an awesome palm treat lined location and has a fruit trees and a cool -brand new- sauna house in the backyard. The entire house needs to be remodeled which we will start end of July/beginning of August and should be able to move in about 6-8 weeks after. A few pictures of our beauty.... 

Bonus room/ family room

Dining room

Kitchen, including FOLDING CHAIRS.

Front of house from the right side. Behind that wall is a patio/ sitting area.
Front of the house from the left angle - showing garage. 
View from our front yard- we are the red roofed house to the left. The area is called "Palm Haven" and there is cool courtyard/ park right filled with palm trees right in front of our house. Also all the streets are lines with palms, which I love. 


32 weeks >> 7 months !!

I can't believe how soon our little baby will be coming home with us-- only 8 weeks left! We had a 30 week growth scan two weeks ago and everything was perfect. The cysts in her brain and the hyperechogenic bowel were both gone. We also found out at that time she weighed approximiatly 3 pounds 11 ounces. We are so happy to know our little one is completely healthy.

As for me work has been crazy and I have been traveling Monday through Friday but that will all end beginning of July at 36 weeks. I still feel really good although I begin to get tired around 5PM each day. I usually find if I can sneak in a nap and get 8 hours of rest I am pretty high in energy. I wear compression socks while in the procedure room because I do a lot of standing. Everyone has been very nice to me, offering me a seat and water. All the nurses like to tell me stories about their pregnancy and children, its a nice way to bond with them. I think my belly is actually helping my sales!

32 weeks! 

I can't believe how big my belly already is and I know she will double in size before she is born. I have been really lucky not to get a lot of the horrible pregnancy things (hemorrhoids, varicose veins, severe headaches, etc) but I have had terrible sciatic nerve pain in my back and then the dreaded line below>>
I put Palmers stretch mark cream on each night to hopefully avoid those ugly white/ purple lines (so far, so good) and the creame will also help my skin go back to normal color on the line portion after the baby is born.

Linea negra is getting longer and darker, ah. 

Funny story: at 25 weeks Rob and I went to the standard doctor oppointment. Here I was told I was "ahead of schedule" as far as my weight. I had already gained 25 pounds and was only suppose to gain 18. In a very serious voice the doctor started talking to me about my food choices and ways to modify my diet. He also told me I needed to start doing some form of exercise at least 3 days a week for 30 minutes. Rob was in the back of the room with an ear to ear smile and a "I told you so" look on his face. As funny as it was at the time it was a reality check for me; just because I am pregnant I can't pig out on anything I want. You all will be happy to know I took the doctors advice and six weeks later I am back on track!

Me taking a photo to prove to Rob I'm actually excercising while on a work trip. :)