Rob and I hosted the funnest ugly sweater/white elephant exchange Christmas party this year. When I mentioned the idea of the party, he quickly added that we needed to have a white elephant. Rob usually has no opinion, so him giving some input is a pretty big deal. And pretty cute if you ask me! 
I really love throwing parties, always have since I was young. It's kind of a tradition in my house. My brothers just told me they hosted the coolest Christmas party in the 5th grade. 
It made me proud. 
On a different thought I am getting use to this staying at home {with a nanny} thing. I dedicated all day Friday to preparing for the party. I with Nora's help prepared tons of different things to eat, made cute coupons for voting, prepared gifts for the ugly sweater winners and made cute take home favors. 
I attempted to set up a photo booth which didn't really turn out great. Its the thought that counts tho, right?
The white elephant was hilarious. Surprisingly, I am pretty sure some people actually did get what they wanted. Rob stole signed baseball cards from our friend as a little boy and I ended up with a Moses action figurine. These will be placed in a box and re-gifted at our next white elephant for sure. 
It was such a fun night. I am so thankful for all the great friends we have made here in San Jose! 

^^The food display. Notice Brookyn's cute art work on the refrigerator? Love my little artist. 

^^How cute are these ugly sweater voting cards?
^^Correcting my attempt for the photo space
^^My cute friend Amber. Looking pretty good with that background

^^some of my favorite girls: Adria, Sadey, Lydia<3 and Katie! 
^^white elephant gifts!
^^The ugly sweater winners! Clearly super excited about their winnings! 

^^Love my husband. Love his sweater. Pictures don't do it justice-- there were flashing lights on those bells!
^^Half of the girls. The back row was attempting reindeer hoofs. Guess the front row didn't get the memo. 

^^Andrew looking super manly and Carrie accentuating the pregnant belly. Not ugly sweater winners. 

^^Thanks for coming hot chocolate gift for two! I even made the hot chocolate.  I actually haven't heard from anyone about the taste of it (which usually isn't a good thing) haha. Again, the thought was there. 

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  1. I seriously love you! And your fashion show post was my favorite! Such a great party!