am obsessed with Beckett's baby announcements. I love how his hair is spiked up and his preppy little blue sweater. He is so sweet. A perfect boy combination of both Brooklyn and Lydia with a Petitto twist. He looks a lot like my my twin brothers did when they were babies. Welcome sweet boy! 



^^this picture sums up life lately 
I'm not sure if its having three or having a newborn who will only stop crying if he's being held. Don't get me wrong I love snuggling my Beckett the problem is I can't do anything for the other two while I am. Beckett is also not sleeping in the night. He decides to wake up right around midnight and is ready to party. He is a grazer while eating. Instead of having a full meal every 2-3 hours, he wants snacks every hour. I feel like I am constantly feeding him. He also won't fall asleep unless I nurse him. So even if it isn't time for a meal he wants a quick sip before he closes his eyes.
Brooklyn has decided instead of waking up at 8AM like she has for the last 2+ years of her life, 6AM is a better time. She also has been acting out. This morning I heard her in the bathroom and found her standing on the sink in the medicine cabinet (at 6AM). Yesterday morning she woke up, put her sunglasses and sandals on and went outside. Not OK. She has been fake crying, even fake stuttering for attention! Her fake cry is the most awful thing I have ever heard and she sticks her tongue out, the whole thing is ridiculous. She has been talking back and not listening to Rob or me. She told me "mom, let me listen to frozen right now or I will pull your hair." I was shocked. This is not our sweet Brooklyn lately.
Lydia has been really good. She points to Beckett and screams "baby! baby! baby!" over and over. She also likes to point to his eye and feet and announce both. I always tell her she cannot touch him and she listens well. She likes to look at him and tries to crawl up his bassinet, which always wakes him, then he cries, then he needs to be held.  
Another problem, I am pretty sure three car seats do not fit in the back of my car thus we are home bound day and night. Fortunately I am getting a new company car with seven seats (!!) but it won't arrive until next month. This whole experience was hard from the beginning. With the other births we had help lined up but Beckett came 8 days early so everything is pushed back. My mom won't be here for another week and Rob's mom was out of town when he was born. Its only been a week but I am just so sleep deprived I feel like I won't ever catch my stride being a mom of three.
As difficult as right now is I recognize I am so blessed to call these three mine. I want to cherish every moment with them because time is moving so, so quickly. I have had so many people say enjoy them while they are young, you blink and they are going off to college.



-Beckett Robert Williams-
2/18/15, 8:11PM, 9lb 3oz, 21 inch

I am writing this from the hospital so I can remember exactly how I feel. Its 11PM right now, Rob is snoring on the chair turned bed and Beckett is feeding while I type. Being at the hospital for 48 hours with my husband and new baby always is my very favorite time. We were so lucky to have my mother-in-law take Brooklyn when Lydia was born and this time we had friends come over in the evening after Nora finished working and spend the night with the girls. There is something so special about this bonding time and being stuck in this little mother-baby room, just the three of us for two days straight.

Wednesday morning I went to doctor’s office for my weekly check up where I learned I was 2.5cm dilated and effacement was starting to get very soft. My physician said it could be any day but we both were hoping for Friday, Feb 27th. My due date was 2/26 so we preemptively scheduled an induction for 2/27, hoping I would go into labor that evening, just like I did with both Brooklyn and Lydia. How amazing would it have been to have three children with the same birth date (27th)? After I left the office everything was fine and I worked until about 3PM. I started getting a lot of cramping that felt like contractions but I dismissed them. I had a contraction the evening before that was false labor so I figure this was the same. I had been doing administrative work and going kind of crazy looking at my computer all day so decided to meet my girlfriends at the park down the street at 3:30. I brought just Brooklyn and felt more contractions while we were there. It finally got to the point that I thought it was real and they seemed to be coming closer and closer. I told my friends I was going to go home and lay down and joked, we might be having a baby today. I promised Brooklyn ice cream so we stopped to pick her up some orange sherbet but I had her take it to go. Usually we sit in the little pink chairs near the fountain so we was a little upset we wouldn’t be doing that. I told her that I thought baby brother might be coming and we needed to get home quickly. I started calling and texting Rob who was still at work. I wasn’t positive we needed to go to the hospital ASAP so told him just to wrap up and come home. As soon as I got back to our house the contractions really picked up. I called Rob again, starting to panic now after I timed the contractions and found out they were 5-7 minutes apart and 1:30 long. The baby was coming and he was coming NOW. Rob finally got home at 5:45, we rushed out the door so fast he didn’t even have time to change out of his suit. We were driving high speed to the hospital I was freaking out I was going to miss the epidural. By the time we got to the hospital at 6PM I was full on crying and needed to be wheeled in on a wheel chair. They measured my cervix: the nurse said 9.5/10 cm dilated!! They asked (just like with Lydia) if I wanted to go natural and I could have the baby now but I elected the epidural. I kept saying please just bring it to me. Fortunately the anesthesiologist was available and immediately came in. As soon as the medication set in I was able to relax.

But then I started to panic: I’m not ready! This wasn’t how it went down with my last two births. They were scheduled; everything was prepared, my work obligations were for filled, child care was lined up, bags were packed, I was mentally ready to meet my new baby. I asked Rob to go to my car and get my make-up bag. Very slowly I started putting the make up on while for the doctor so I could start pushing. I needed to distract myself and be out of the moment while I collected my thoughts. I wanted to be excited but I felt so flustered and unprepared I almost had a feeling of disappointment. I also really wanted him to come on the 27th and knew none of my in-laws would be able to visit at the hospital or help with the girls because everyone was in Arizona for my nephew’s baptism on Saturday.  Rob, the world’s best birth coach told me to snap out of it. I got myself pumped up by saying “We are going to have a baby right now!” I was ready to go. The doctor came in and it was go time. The pushing, although tiring was really easy. Because I had the epidural we were all having a casual conversation in between pushes. The whole experience was really pleasant. After about 5 pushes and 25 minutes baby Beckett was born!



This valentine's day was our best yet! I loved buying little gifts for the girls and getting everything ready the night before. My mom always made holidays so special for us, I hope to do the same for my children. After we opened gifts we planned a family afternoon to Santa Cruz. The weather was amazing; 80 degrees in February! The beach felt like mid summer; we were in the water the entire day. After we hit the boardwalk to let the girls do some rides. I love watching them do new things, both girls have such a contagious energy. Rob and I finished the evening with more flowers and chocolates and a romantic dinner in downtown San Jose. The day really was absolutely perfect, my favorite day of 2015 (so far!). 

^^It felt like Christmas Eve: setting up the gifts. 

^^They were SO excited to receive their gifts. Brooklyn was with me when I bought her play doh and asked for it for an entire week. 

^^trying to get a sister hand holding picture before we go down to the beach 

^^Brooklyn just couldn't wait. She needed to get into the water ASAP. 
^^My horrible handwriting. I absolutely love that we spent Valentine's day at the beach. These are the times I am in love with where I live. 

^^She absolutely adores her daddy. 

^^she really wanted her picture in front of the hello kitty

^^Don't mind my half closed eyes. I love the pink dress for the day of Love! 

^^I had to take a picture of the cutest menu: I loved the way they labeled the courses. 

^^Rob took a bite but I still had to take a picture of the adorable heart. I love Valentines Day! 


January felt like it flew by. As soon as we returned from Boston we started preparing for the arrival of our baby boy. We moved Lydia into Brooklyn's room and started on the boy nursery. Coming to the end of my pregnancy I started feeling really anxious in our house, like the walls were closing in on me. I have gone through every draw and every closet, organizing and throwing things away. I finally feel better with the lack of clutter. 

^^Brooklyn started potty training. She is doing amazing with the pee, not much the poop. She waits until we do a diaper at nap time or night then does it. Here was a rare (and very proud) she went in the potty. 
^^My sugar cookie obsession. 

^^Brooklyn at my Dermotologist appointment. She was very serious waiting for the doctor. I just love how we lined up her doll next to her too! 

^^patriots won the Super Bowl! We had a fun party with friends. I felt a lot of New England pride with the incredible victory. 

^^Brooklyn got her first soccer shirt! She continues to LOVE soccer. We switched to Saturday morning for this session since we won't be traveling. It's become her sport with dad. It's really cute to see them together on the field. 

^^My amazing friends threw me yet another baby sprinkle! I swear these girls spoil me way too much. 

^^Post soccer outfit. Just love this sweatshirt from my mom. Brooklyn looks like such a little athlete in it! 

^^Janae came for a visit! So of course we needed a girls night! 

^^Lots of time at the park. Even though I have them bundled up the weather has been incredible. I think it was mid 60s this "cold" day. 

^^My bump! Dressed in blue. We are getting so close and SO excited. 

^^Sugar cookies and mass amounts of vanilla frosting has been a huge pregnancy craving of mine. Brooklyn invited her friend Trudy over to decorate cookies. These two are way too cute together. 

^^Swim class! Rob has taken over the "baby & parent" class for me. Holding Lydia and getting in and out of the pool is too stressful with my bump now. 

^^Lydia being naughty at church! She snuck into the hall to play with the toys. 

^^Just a casual sister game of catch. 

^^Brooklyn is really my best friend. It's so fun to talk with her and be able to have conversations now. This day we went to Starbucks to some chocolate frappes. 

^^I love brining them shopping with me. Sometimes we need snacks if they start to get bored. It's so hard for them to see "treats" everywhere and not be able to have them. 

^^Lydia measuring her foot! One of our favorite places is the shoe department of Nordstrom Rack. Lydia loves to try on shoes. 

^^Cute girl at church. I love that every Sunday is an excuse to doll them up. 



Last night we celebrated our THREE YEAR anniversary! I cannot believe we have been married that long. I totally feel like we are still newlyweds. Its so cliche but I really do feel like things are getting better and better. Rob got me flowers and a tiny I love you balloon. I don't know why but that little balloon made me feel so giddy and young. It's the little things, right? I planned the evening this year: dinner at Madera in the Rosewood hotel. I had been here for a work event (that is where I find all my fancy restaurants) and fell in love with how romantic it is. It was fun going on a mid week date too. I even got my hair done at a blow dry bar. I was really hoping to impress Rob (and distract him from my 38 week pregnant body hahha) The dinner was delicious, they even brought us a Happy Anniversary cupcake at the end! 

Happy Anniversary to the greatest guy I know! I'm so lucky you choose me to be your wife. I love you! 


^^had to document the blow dry bar hair do! (It fell out before we even got to dinner)