Brooklyn started swim lessons!!!! 
We have been thinking about putting her in a class forever but decided now we really need to. In two months Rob and I will be bringing all our kids to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Five kids being watched by only two adults, in a foreign country, with lots of pools and an ocean intimidates me a lot little. 
We decided it would be safest if Brooklyn had some swimming experience before we go. 
It was so exciting to see her swim! She is a total natural and loves the water. The first class was a little hard because she isn't use to going underwater and she was also a afraid of the male instructor. Ha. Rob did the second class with her and she was already a lot more comfortable. 
Soon enough our little fishy will be swimming!

^^On the back, not an easy one for her

^^The scary instructor :)~


I am so excited about the concept of a "work, life balance"! 
My last job was so one sided it was miserable. 
I was going to work until I had Lydia and then take some time off but a great opportunity with a company called Abbvie fell into my lap. They really promote family time and having a good balance. 
My territory is just the Bay Area with almost no overnights over than national meetings.  

My first taste of this great balance was at training in Chicago. I had my mom come to watch Lydia for the first week so I could continue to nurse her. We had several 20 minute breaks throughout the day and an hour for lunch. We finished early and I was able to have dinner and shop with my mom in Chicago each night. It.was.a.blast! It was so fun my mom actually wanted to stay the second week.
Thanks for coming mom, your the best! 

Exercising on the gym ball

Such a ham. Her little smiles get me every time. 

The other "most famous" deep dish in Chicago, Giodornos. I like Lou Malnati's better! 
My mom's idea of tummy time
Last night in Chicago-- Michael Jordan's steak house. Kind of amazing

Plane ride back to CA-- a baby and a study book 



I've added a new for "right now tradition" of pancakes on Sunday. Our church time changed this year to 1:00. I can't really decide yet if I love it or hate it. It's nice to sleep in but it feels like we spend the entire day waiting for church and when we get out the day is over. We haven't decided yet how we are going to adjust to this new schedule but until then we are doing pancakes on Sunday mornings. I started off with regular, then moved to blueberry. This week we did ultimate (aka added sugar, etc) pancakes with chocolate chips. Lets see how many different variations I can find.. 

These looked weird while cooking but tasted delicious!
Helper #1 watching the syrup
Helper #2 tasting the pancakes

Chocolate chip= a success!



Chicago in January, how dreamy. Last time I came was over the summer and I completely fell in love with this city. I am back for two weeks for work and some how convinced my mom it would be a good time regardless of the freezing temperatures. Bless her heart she left her own kids to talk care of mine. Not nursing my little three month old, Lydia for two whole weeks would have been really tough. I am so thankful both of my favorite ladies are here. 
Today was perfect for my mom and Lydia. They slept in, watched TV, meet me for lunch for the hour I had off, went to the gym and before I knew it, it was 4:30 and I was done! We finished the night at the famous Lou Malnati's pizza. Deep dish in Chicago d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s!! This city reminds me of Boston and I still love it, even if its 30 outside.

Perfect baby on the plane. No surprise there. Wish they could stay little while traveling, forever. 

This has not stopped since we arrived. My mom said Lydia is 100% my mini me. She is channeling her mothering days and taking Lydia as her own. 

Hotel cribs always feel like insane asylum cambers to me. The dog bed and/or bath rug made me laugh. 

Activities with Grammy: working out. We start them young around here. 

Tummy time in her hotel room! 

Long hair, don't care.

Getting ready to brave the cold. 

My little snow bunny! 

Lou Malnati's! Amazing pizza. They are all around Chicago if you are in town, go!



Every year I make a New Year's resolution. 
Usually its something like losing weight or giving up chocolate but this year feels really different. 
In the wake of losing someone so close to Rob we have been reflecting on the meaning of our lives and our time here on earth. 

Instead of trying to change something I am going to be resolve to more grateful for all the things I have this 2014. And, just a few things that come to mind....  

  • growing up in the most amazing, supportive, crazy, family
  • having four siblings
  • having the same best friends since i have been 12 
  • marrying my soulmate, best friend and greatest guy i know
  • being with someone who makes me happy almost every single day
  • having two daughters and a step daughter
  • having super easy babies
  • owning a home 
  • living in constant sunshine and perfect weather 
  • having a job with a work life balance
  • having a nanny that adores my girls 


Going home to Boston for Christmas is one of the biggest highlights of my year. No matter where in the world I have been during Christmas I always make it home for my favorite holiday with my favorite people. I am so lucky to have tons of extended family and friends all in the area. This year was no exception for attending the regular activities: my dad's side christmas eve party, mom's side christmas day party and my high school friend's gift exchange party, to name a few of the highlights.

This year had a sad but grateful undertone. One of Rob's most important employees and dear friend of 10 years passed away suddenly at the young age of 46. She left behind a young son and husband. Rob had to fly back to California to be in the office on Monday and Tuesday and didn't get back to Boston until Christmas night. Her passing right before Christmas made us stop and really appreciate all we have.

I missed having my husband with me on this most special holiday but we made the best of the time together once he arrived.

Please excuse the random order of these pictures I just wanted to throw them on. 

First stop in Wakefield: Cravings. My all time favorite ice-cream place:

^^Meg & Lyd 

^^Serious computer game obsession with these two. 

Second stop: meeting baby Charlie at the hospital! She is such a sweet darling baby. And kind of makes me want another baby. Lydia is already looking big! 

Third stop: Seeing my two most favorite Bentley girls in Boston. 

^^Big baby. 
^^A little self photography after the family photos. 

^^Bowling with these fools. Rob and I kicked butt! 
^^These boys are quite obsessed with Brooklyn. And great uncles too!  

First up was our annual high school Butterfly gift exchange! I love that we still do it at my parents house even though half of these people own homes. I think my mom likes throwing this party even more than me. There is always lots of food and fun. This year our junior butterfly group grew to three with the addition of Charlotte and Lydia. 

^^The junior butterflies. Charlie is only one week old here! And just like that Lydia looks HUGE! 
^^Cutest little outfit from her aunt, Meghann. 
^^My best friends for the last FIFTEEN years. Wow I feel old. 

Next was to my dad-- the Petitto family Christmas eve party. I totally forgot my camera. There are several cousins that are my younger brothers age which makes me happy because my mom's side everyone is my age. Brooklyn The girls were melting down so I left the party early and we cuddled in front of the fire on christmas eve. 

^^Brooklyn wants to be everywhere Lydia is. 

^^We each get one gift on Christmas eve. I elected to give my family the Bruins tickets I got them for fear they would be torn, lost, etc in the Christmas hast the next morning. They were pretty excited.... 

Christmas day is now the best because I get to watch Brooklyn tear open all her gifts. She still isn't particularly interested in receiving presents (wish it could stay like that forever) but likes to unwrap them. 

^^Lined up inside all the gifts. 
^^Couldn't even handle how excited he was to get an iPad mini. (Don't mid the no shift, its just his thing) 

Christmas day we headed to my aunt's house. Always the best time with my favorite cousins.... 

^^My cousin Michelle! 
^^The original Kennedy cousins 

^^Poor Brooklyn spiked a fever here. She was sad and lethargic all day. Daddy was lucky enough to arrive to a puking baby.