{September 27, 2017}

Lydia is four! I am writing this six months later and oh my goodness I can't believe how different she is now. She seems so much more grown up, which I mostly attribute to her starting preschool. I love to see her with her friends and really coming into her own. Lydia has always had so much personality and sass but she's taken it to a new level with her posing. Whenever a camera is around she screams take my picture and is already posing. She is such a ham. 

Her birthday party was a huge success with old friends coming from San Jose and new friends in Danville plus all her preschool friends. We planned to jump in the bounce house and swim but the kids loved the bounce house so much they were in in the entire time. 

we decorated the baby gate around the pool with all shopkins images. it looked better in person but it added a really fun touch. 

no love for mom and dad. 

Lydia said she was sad for weeks prior to her birthday because she missed grammy Nancy so we surprised her and flew my mom in!

Grammie Victoria always makes the best birthday cakes! 

the bounce house was such a hit. the kids were in there the entire time. it was a great environment for the adults to talk and relax 


{February 18th 2018}

Beckett is OBSESSED with all things Cars and Lightening McQueen. It is the only movie or show he wants to watch and he has slowly collected every car in the movie for his birthdays, Christmas, etc. It was no surprise when I showed him a video of Cars Land at California Adventure he about lost his mind. I thought rather than do a birthday party for him this year we would take a trip instead. We talked about it for months leading up to his actual birthday and Cars Land did not disappoint!

We drove down Friday night and stayed in hotel then and met friends at Newport Beach on Saturday. Saturday night we went to the Mikey Mouse characters dinner, which was a huge hit. Sunday we went to California Adventure all day/ night. On Monday we spent a few hours at the hotel "waterpark" then headed home. It was such a magical weekend at the Happiest Place on Earth! 

I can't handle the sass with these two. on our way to brunch with friends in Newport

funniest / weirdest story about this picture: so I see this cute photo opportunity and have Brooklyn pose for the picture. what I dont realize there are two homeless men on the other side starting to smoke weed. Lydia and Beckett are walking around the structure like right where the guys are and cops pull up and start screaming at the guys that they can't smoke in public and how awful that they are smoking in front of children. it was quite the scene and I was still taking pictures. rob ran to grab me and we ran off. im oblivious apparently 

walking to the beach from our friend's house. they live one block from the ocean!

We hit the waterpark at the hotel quick after the beach and before dinner. the kids had a blast! it was the perfect size for younger kids 

Mickey's kitchen was a hit! Extremely overpriced and terrible food but the kids were in heaven getting to hug all the characters. They sang to Beckett and brought him a special cupcake and pin. It was a really special night for him. 

Back to the hotel and the kids immediately passed out. We had two double beds and bunkbeds. They might have been most excited about the bunkbeds. It was a hit. 

Sunday morning we woke up bright and early, sang to Beckett again - his actual birthday 2/18!- then headed straight to the park

Lydia is always posing, its the cutest thing! 

Lightening McQueen said Happy Birthday Beckett. I think he almost died. 

end of the night everyone other than me(?!) was still going strong. 36 weeks pregnant I was having a hard time walking around the park for so many hours. I actually was the reason we left and didnt stay for the parade. first time ever rob wanted to stay the whole day!

the bump went on all the rides!

Last day we went back to the waterpark for a few hours before hitting the road home. It was quite eventful. We of course stopped for Cafe Rio and both Brooklyn and Beckett threw up en route causing us to stop twice. 


{March 26, 2018}

The day before Luke was born we got dressed up to take some pictures with the bump! I have never done maternity photos but always cherished photos right before each of my children were born. Rob quickly snapped some photos. I couldn't believe they came out so well. A couple of the three kids are my new favorite pictures. 

Beckett was so funny, barely placing his hand on my stomach and he tries so hard to smile in the pictures, bless his heart!

she's getting so big! and growing into such a beautiful little girl 

^^my new favorite picture of the "older" kids.