2014 was SUCH a memorable year for our family of four! 
It feels like we welcome a new child each year around here. It was so much fun having just Brooklyn but after this whole year of having two girls, I can't imagine life without both of them. 
I technically started my new job last August but really began working January 1st after my maternity leave. Its been SUCH an amazing change for both me and the family. My new company has a great work life balance and I am home every evening. 
We did a lot of fun traveling, most noteably Cabo in March with all the kids and a trip to Turkey and Greece last fall {still need to post that!} We celebrated Thanksgiving in Scottsdale with Rob's family and Christmas in Boston with my family. Three of my best friends; Sarah, Colleen and Jenna got married so were were in Boston a lot this year too. Our nanny, Nora also got married in June and moved out of our house which was really sad. And my sister got engaged near Christmas time! 
Brooklyn started swim classes the beginning of the year at 18 months and soccer in the summer. Lydia began her swim classes at just 12 months last fall. Its so fun to already have the girls in sports and see how much they love doing their actives. 
I feel so blessed for this family of mine and look forward to adding baby boy in 2015! 

^^sarah's NYE party. miss these babes 
^^we did mascara and lip stick on brooklyn for the big occasion. 
^^kowloon for dinner with the family to ring in the new year 

^^the furs

^^on the ship, ringing in the new year

^^right after attempting to knock down the tree haha

^^happy new year kiss!


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