Babies at the beach

Rio del Mar. 
This is a magic toddler beach with a warm, shallow, wave-less river that pours into the ocean. All the perks of being at the beach except we don't have to worry about the waves knocking anyone down or hearing how cold the water is. 
I feel so lucky to live only 45 minutes from so many beautiful beaches, we plan to take full advantage all summer long :)  



Happy Father's Day to my baby daddy, papa and grampy! We all love you so very much! 


I really, really love Gilroy Gardens. Its like a peaceful, toddler friendly, short lined Disney World. The whole park is filled with trees to give the effect of a garden, it feels magical to me. Rob and I bought season passes and were able to each bring a friend free last Saturday. We invited our good friends the Toolsons. Ty and Brooklyn are best buds and had a blast together. I can't wait to go back! 

^^always trying to pull her hat off

^^swing ride with my sweetheart. another benefit of going with friends ;)


Lydia is eight months! 
She is doing so many new fun things lately. 
She can crawl, still kind of on her belly.
She can pull herself up and stand.
She can totally sit up unsupported. 
She can clap her hands.
She rocks her body to music.
She has the most perfect baby doll face.
Her hair, although a little thinner is growing back. 
She loves the sand and water. 
She wants to be included in anything Brooklyn is doing.
You can't find a picture of this girl not smiling. 
Brooklyn still uses her as a doll prop.
She likes to snuggle with an animal every night.
She just got upgraded into a big girl carseat. 
She loves music and even to hear me(!) sing.
We still get stopped everywhere we go with people telling
us just how adorable she is. 
We love you Lydia Taylor Williams! 


I bought a potty for Brooklyn several months ago with the hope of one less kid in diapers. She will sit down on it from time to time but hasn't been motivated. A girl of my own heart, a hello kitty lover I decided to bribe her with "hello kitty panties."She has been so excited about wearing them but I told her she would need to do peepee and poopoo in the potty. She agreed but as soon as the diaper was off she totally fell apart. We tried for two days with tears, bringing me her diaper and begging me to put it back on, peeing on the floor more times than I want to count, even refusing to sit on the potty. The conclusion: this 22 month old is not ready. The hello kitty panties have been put away and will be brought back out in a few months. I still love you so much Brooklyn and I love those hello kitty panties. We will wear them soon enough! 

^^so excited at target purchasing those panties!

^^so much promise...
^^second day, the excitement starting to wane 


Rob's sweet grandma turned 90 this last month! Grandma Barbara is sweet, thoughtful and totally full of life. We get to see her pretty often considering she lives in Utah. The trip to visit was pretty quick we got in super late Friday night and left early Sunday, with a few delays in there. We jammed a lot into those 24 hours! The day started at Barbara's open house, then spent a few hours hanging at a park and driving around Utah then it was off to the family dinner and finally a sweet stop at sodalicious.
Happy Birthday Grandma Barbara!!!

^^3 hour delay in LA to start the weekend off.. 
^^9AM arm length diet coke, we have arrived in Utah- land of excess soda 

^^brooklyn could not stop touching barbara's collection table. it wasn't her fault; it was just her height!

^^honoring the lady herself at the open house

^^brother-sister jam session in the park
^^aunt emily! 

^^a sodalicious stop!  

^^love him
^^my dirty diet coke & sugar cookie, at long last 



Happy Birthday to my main squeeze!
Brooklyn and I got Rob his favorite lemon cupcake from Kara's cupcakes. Brooklyn sang happy birthday then they blew out the candles. We opened gifts- Rainbow sandals, a Jayhawks tervis tumbler, a meat/vegetable cooker for the grill and some of his favorite mike & ike's candy for the finishing touch. I attempted to surprise him with dinner at Alexander's steakhouse in Cupertino because he had told me a few months ago he wanted to go there but he totally knew where we were going. Getting dressed up and bringing my husband out was so much fun. I love you babe and hope this is your best year yet!