^^i can never get enough of those new baby teeth pics :)

^^it is so so fun to see them play together
^^our old family room that has now turned into a play room. rob calls it the "junk yard"

^^sitting up like a champ!
^^always a mess. literally always 

^^they like to take "steamy" showers all of a sudden
^^the kids are back to school-- gymnastics has started up again! 

^^hanging with her buddy, hudson

^^i would say pool days are winding down but we live in california…. so, that will probably start to happen in october
^^lydia feeding london-- too funny 
^^brooklyn and one of her besties, evelyn
^^little miss finally getting comfortable with the water
^^the view out my front window- so lucky to live in this neighborhood 

^^they were all fascinated with that truck- ugh 
^^rob came home to the "man bun" and immediately requested it to be taken out
^^before bedtime shows 
^^Lydia has busted out of her crib and now likes to sleep in Brooklyn's bed
^^playing with Brooklyn's new bunny house from grammie and papa
^^cute girls at the swim club!
^^Lydia has starting pooping in the potty! she gets rewarded with a chocolate ball each time.

^^tiny shopping carts at OSH
^^Lydia HATES her anna costume- I can't figure out why
^^ok she officially looks five! I LOVE this park across from our house- if we have to have the tiniest backyard at least we get to look out to this
^^we walked as a family to baskin robbins to celebrate beckett turning 6 months, he slept while we ate ice cream. ha!

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