My little baby is six months! How did this happen?!
Beck just started sitting and crawling! He seems so much more advanced than the girls were (especially poor Lydia). He is strong, has been making eye contact for months, passing objects between his hands and chewing everything in his path! He just broke his two bottom teeth last week. I cant believe how much this little guy eats! He sometimes will drink a full 8 oz bottle. Beckett is 50% height and weight, which confuses me because he seems so much bigger than that. His adorable little personality is already developing. He loves to look around and is so curious/ nosy. We haven't started feeding him solids mostly because our nanny situation is a disaster and I don't think she could handle feeding him solids. He is still sleeping through the night although he has woken up at 6am, hungry a few times lately. Beckett is SUPER happy and giggly. He loves when I nuzzle my nose into his neck and kiss him. He cracks up every time we play peek-a-boo or hide behind his crib and pop up. I'm so happy to have this little guy part of my family. We love you Beckett!

^^6 months stats: 50%/50%

^^bow ties at church!

^^teeth! that he didn't want to show me 

^^six months!

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