Brooklyn is almost eight months old and just got sick for the very first time. I think it could have something to do with her first trip to the gym daycare last Wednesday and then to a church baby play room on Saturday. I have been so excited for her to start interacting, playing and sharing with other babies I forgot about the swapping of germs.

It is so heartbreaking to see your baby struggle to breathe, cough and cry in pain. I also have appreciation for parents that have babies who do not sleep. Tuesday and Wednesday night was almost no sleep. Brooklyn woke up every 30 minutes crying because she couldn't breath. We had to use the nose suction which caused her to scream, really wake up and then need to be rocked back to sleep- a painful cycle. Both the next mornings I woke up at 5AM and barely was able to keep my eyes open through the day. Thursday night I realized I couldn't make it to work the next morning and did a work from home day, half dead. I also canceled my girl's trip to Texas this weekend with two of my best friends Bridget and Colleen, so sad! Wish I was with you guys!!

^^ poor girl struggling to drink her bottle 
Little girl seems to be on the up today, smiling and coughing/crying less. We will not be leaving the house this weekend until she is feeling 100%. Hope your weekend is going better than ours!


  1. I never like to see a baby suffering from any sickness. I feel like such small bodies don't deserve any kind of pain. That's why we must ensure that our babies are immunized and are brought for checkups regularly to prevent them from catching any disease. I hope Brooklyn has fully recovered by now.

    -Malachi Cates

  2. It's normal for kids to get sick. However, we can do something to keep it from getting worse. Have your child immunized. Get her a trusted doctor to attend to her. With this, you can be confident that your child's immune system will be able handle all kinds of sickness.

    Galen Grimaldo