We find out ONE WEEK from today if this sweet baby is a girl or boy. We thought about having a "gender reveal" party (because we love any excuse for a party) until I imagined Rob storming off if it is a girl or me running away crying if it is a boy. But really, all joking aside we are just thankful for another baby and hope this little one is healthy. Whichever gender is revealed next week will be amazing and beautiful and of course a blessing. As the day gets closer I feel content with whatever news we are told and know I can rise to the challenge of raising a little boy. Little baby we love you and cannot wait to find out if your a she or he!  


  1. We didn't have a party, although looking back it would have been sort of fun. I'm terrible about even opening gifts at Christmas time in front of people and having the "right" reaction, so I thought no one needed to see my reaction to this :)) Everyone thought we were having a girl, so we just kind of went along with them......and were totally shocked when we found out it was a boy! Have fun finding out!

    1. I am going to tell all my childless friends to definitely do a party for the first one!