WE ARE HAVING A BABY!! We let the world know last week and are so happy we have this blog to share and remember our feelings here.
I have said it again and again, Brooklyn is the easiest baby. She slept through the night at 6 weeks, she will breastfeed, drink from a bottle and eat any solids without fuse. She only cries when she needs something. She sleeps 12 hours at night and takes two naps during the day. She will stay quite in her crib and self play. Being my first of course I think this is the usual. My husband (father of four) has assured me this is not the norm and she is indeed very easy.
Anyways, for all the above reasons as soon as my body was healed, at two-three months I was ready to start trying for baby #2. We want several kids and want the littles to be best friends so I figured why wait. Rob laughed when I approached him so soon and said we would be waiting several more months. In January we decided to go off birth control assuming it would take 3-6 months to get pregnant. Three WEEKS later I took a pregnancy test and it was positive! I think we are a good match in this department ;) It was almost like a surprise because it happened so reading the pregnancy test was really fun. This little bean is due October 2nd so our babies will be 14 months apart!!
Everything seems to be different this pregnancy. First off I have done this before so I am not as frantic about reading the books and tracking the growth every week, etc. I feel more relaxed and confident I am doing the right things and the baby will be OK. I have been a lot more lax on the healthy eating however and that needs to improve. I am almost 15 weeks and have gained about 8 pounds. I have felt very, very, very tired but not as sick as last time. My belly is definitely showing earlier than last time around. We find out in the next month if it is a girl or boy. I really want a girl so Brooklyn can have a sister and Rob really wants a boy. Last time we were both impartial. I feel like it is going to be a boy for a few reasons; I have not been as sick, I gained weight early (last time I lost weight at this point) and the chocolate cravings I have been having. I have been interested in anything carbs, especially pasta, all types of chocolate and ice cream.
When I was pregnant with Brooklyn I was over the moon excited and dreamed about all the love I would have for her. I feel a little conflicted now like it could not be possible for me to love another baby as much as Brooklyn. I also feel nervous to split my time between two little ones instead of just showering one with constant affection. I know everything will be perfect once this little is born. I feel so lucky to have an amazing husband and now almost a family of four. I love my little family more than anything in the world and cannot wait to see it continue to grow. Little baby we love you and can't wait to meet you in less than six months!


  1. Eep! First time visitor and I happen to stumble in on exciting news! That's always awesome. Congratulations!

  2. Hi Tara! Congrats on baby #2. I feel like everyone who's preggo right now is due in October! January must have been a sexy month. :) Drew was just like Brooklyn as far as being an awesome baby and it makes me nervous to have another reason as I'm scared to get a 'rough' baby! Anyway, can't wait to hear more about #2. Hope you'll stop by and follow my blog!

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  3. Yay yay yay yay yay yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!