Hungry, Hungry Hippo...

I never thought it would be possible to be as hungry or want food as much as I do now. This is quite the opposite from the last few months of food aversions and saltine crackers. I literally want to eat everything and anything in sight. Some favorites are tuna melts, chicken fingers with lots of ketchup, any pasta, pickles, baked chicken, potatoes, fried rice, lo mein, and just about anything sour. 

Its embarrassing to say but I find myself daydreaming about my next meal. Its not uncommon to send Rob a text at 10AM with a dinner recommendation. I have started to cook, not for the love of the activity but to get the exact combination of flavors I want. My latest creation below... a crepe with nutella, powdered sugar, whip cream and syrup. The diet coke you ask, that would be Rob's. I have naturally switched to everything non-diet. 

22 weeks and 6 days to go.... 

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