I have a one and a half year old. I am going to have a panic attack when she turns two. 
Brooklyn, stay a toddler forever! I just love you so much at this age!!

I have to believe everyone thinks their child is the greatest and I am no exception. Brooklyn truly is such a sweet, sensitive and well behaved little girl. There is so much she does that makes me proud. Her good manners, sharing, athletic abilities and that constant high energy. She is so busy but I absolutely love it. 

Some of Brooklyn's recent interests & "tricks"
* singing row, row, row your boat and the happy birthday song
* pushing her high chair into position to be feed, pulling her bib out of the drawer and climbing into the high chair to be fed
* loving FaceTime with her grandparents and uncles
* wanting to take over all her sister's baby things 
* being such a sweet big sister and saying "stop crying Lydia" or rocking her car seat 
* every morning running to Lydia's crib to see her 
* perfected kicking the soccer ball and stacking blocks
* swimming like a little fish
* counting 1- 10
* answering "i'm one!" when asked her age
* able to identify and say the names of all her siblings, parents and uncles in our family pictures 
* listening to music  
* obeying mommy and daddy almost all the time 
* able to point out all her body parts 
* posing for pictures, but never actually looking 
* loving to look at and line up all her bows
* letting me dress her up in all different outfits and sitting obediently while I do her hair 

^^signing row, row your boat! 
^^ listening to some beats 

^^shouting candy! 

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