I'm a little behind on these post updates- September was a BUSY month for us! 

Rob has been talking about wanting to buy a boat for a while now. This seems a little odd considering since we have been together we have only been on a boat once. It doesn't really make sense for our young family right now. Especially because there aren't any great lakes close by, we don't have a vehicle to trail the boat or a place to store it. Regardless of all this I agreed to rent one and see how it felt for us. The Friday before Labor Day my car went into the shop and I walked out with an SUV WITH a trailer ball on the back. I thought this was the craziest thing so obviously I had to surprise Rob by renting a boat for Labor Day weekend. We ended up getting one and the day was just perfect. Everyone had a blast, the weather was perfect, we jumped off the boat and swam around, cruised the lake, Rob even got to wake board! It actually brought back tons of childhood memories for me and really made me want to get a boat. 

^early car ride up- equipped with bottles and blankets 
^these two. they melt my heart
^pure concentration from both of them
^im really obsessed with her. 
^this day was seriously heaven 

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