Nothing can compare to being married, nothing. Every day I get to wake up next to this amazing man I call my husband. We share a home, a daughter and the most important love. It sounds cheesy but words truly cannot describe how I feel about him. This past year has easily been the best of my life. So many new things happened during this crazy, exciting first year of marriage. We lived in our first apartment together, then bought our first home together, we had our first baby together, we made lots of new couple friends together, we traveled to Boston, Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, St Thomas, St Martin, the Bahamas, and Scottsdale together, we blended our families together, we accomplished things together and made future plans together. Through mostly ups and just a few downs we have done and been together. I know we will be together for the rest of this life and into the next. I could not have chosen a more perfect partner and companion. You make me a very happy girl, my dear husband and for that I love you so so very much!