The Superbowl this year was a pretty big bummer. The last two years have been nothing but heartbreak for me. Last year my dear Patriots lost and now my step child team, the 49ers let me down again. Thankfully I always have the half time show and delicious football food. We celebrated with some of our closest friends at my house. I'm pretty sure our house is officially becoming the "party house." Janae got matching 49ers outfits for Brooke and Brooklyn, too cute! I'm pretty impressed with my husband for setting up a legit stadium with two TVs so everyone could have the {perfect view}. He is a pretty intense 49ers fan if you can't tell. I can't believe I didn't snap any pictures of the amazing food but I got some desserts. My very favorite part of the super bowl was Beyonce's half time show with Destiny's Child, brought back major high school memories. Please reunite. 

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