January felt like it flew by. As soon as we returned from Boston we started preparing for the arrival of our baby boy. We moved Lydia into Brooklyn's room and started on the boy nursery. Coming to the end of my pregnancy I started feeling really anxious in our house, like the walls were closing in on me. I have gone through every draw and every closet, organizing and throwing things away. I finally feel better with the lack of clutter. 

^^Brooklyn started potty training. She is doing amazing with the pee, not much the poop. She waits until we do a diaper at nap time or night then does it. Here was a rare (and very proud) she went in the potty. 
^^My sugar cookie obsession. 

^^Brooklyn at my Dermotologist appointment. She was very serious waiting for the doctor. I just love how we lined up her doll next to her too! 

^^patriots won the Super Bowl! We had a fun party with friends. I felt a lot of New England pride with the incredible victory. 

^^Brooklyn got her first soccer shirt! She continues to LOVE soccer. We switched to Saturday morning for this session since we won't be traveling. It's become her sport with dad. It's really cute to see them together on the field. 

^^My amazing friends threw me yet another baby sprinkle! I swear these girls spoil me way too much. 

^^Post soccer outfit. Just love this sweatshirt from my mom. Brooklyn looks like such a little athlete in it! 

^^Janae came for a visit! So of course we needed a girls night! 

^^Lots of time at the park. Even though I have them bundled up the weather has been incredible. I think it was mid 60s this "cold" day. 

^^My bump! Dressed in blue. We are getting so close and SO excited. 

^^Sugar cookies and mass amounts of vanilla frosting has been a huge pregnancy craving of mine. Brooklyn invited her friend Trudy over to decorate cookies. These two are way too cute together. 

^^Swim class! Rob has taken over the "baby & parent" class for me. Holding Lydia and getting in and out of the pool is too stressful with my bump now. 

^^Lydia being naughty at church! She snuck into the hall to play with the toys. 

^^Just a casual sister game of catch. 

^^Brooklyn is really my best friend. It's so fun to talk with her and be able to have conversations now. This day we went to Starbucks to some chocolate frappes. 

^^I love brining them shopping with me. Sometimes we need snacks if they start to get bored. It's so hard for them to see "treats" everywhere and not be able to have them. 

^^Lydia measuring her foot! One of our favorite places is the shoe department of Nordstrom Rack. Lydia loves to try on shoes. 

^^Cute girl at church. I love that every Sunday is an excuse to doll them up. 

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