Its a ......

Its a .... GIRL!!!!!!!

We found out last week the day before the cruise our sweet little baby z is a she! Rob and I could not be happier (especially me). We have already started brainstorming names, thinking of nursery themes/colors and buying cute little outfits.

Lisa got this little outfit :)
My mom bought this one :) 


Rob's sweet mom is already working on some girl baby blankets too. What a lucky baby to already have so many people who love her! We still refer to our little pea as baby z for now until we officially choose her  name. At 20 weeks and 5 days baby z is 7 inches long and weighs about 1 pound. Rob was able to feel his first kick the other night when I ate some spicy chicken at Benihana's (my favorite pregnancy restaurant). She kicks to sugar and spicy food the most and then whenever else she wants. She actually kicked me so hard the other night I woke up out of my sleep! 

Speaking of sleep I am starting to have a difficult time getting comfortable. Right now I put a pillow between my legs and under my belly. I am getting nervous because I wake up on my back sometimes although. I am thinking about investing in one of those full body donut things. I can't wait to cuddle our little baby.. 136 more days until her first appearance. :) 

Oh and remember when I was complaining I didn't have a baby bump?

There she is... !

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