The Final Stretch!

We are almost there! It seems incredible that nine months have already passed by. Each trimester brought something different. The first I felt like I had the flu and like death, second I was the hungriest person alive, third I am tired and uncomfortable.

Today marks officially three weeks until our baby's August 2nd due date. I am now going to the doctor each week where they check to see if the cervix is thinning and if there is any dilation. On July 3d I found out my cervix was beginning to thin and 1 cm dilated! Our little girl is in perfect head down position, heartbeat excellent, size and weight right on track. Earlier this week on July 10th we were excited to find out the cervix is continuing to thin and I am almost 2cm dilated now. The doctor told us the due date is like the center point with half the population going before and the other half going after. He said based on his experience I should be going in the before group!

He also told us great news that if we choose they will induce me in the 39th week if she has not yet been born. I am very excited about this for a few reasons. First I am DONE being pregnant, second I was 9.5 pounds when I was born, 10 days early so I am terrified of having a large baby, third I have agreed with my work I would work up until the baby's birth and then take six weeks for maternity leave however I am so tired and uncomfortable I can't imagine working for three more weeks. Finally we decided 7/27 sounds like a great date and since it would be a Friday it would be the most convenient for Rob to take off of work.

All in all, physically this pregnancy has been OK. Besides the sciatic nerve pain I have felt as upbeat and  energetic as a pregnant person could. I attribute feeling well to the diligent exercise I have done. Even though my "workouts" are 20-30 minutes every other day just walking around has helped me feel good. Emotionally I think this pregnancy was really tough. Moving, starting a new job, getting married, building new relationships with Rob's kids, the potential disability scare, buying a new house that needs to be renovated and moving again has been A LOT. My mom keeps joking saying if Rob and I can make it through this time we will be golden for the rest of our marriage. I attribute my mental stability to Rob being the most amazing husband and support system I could ask for. Through everything he has assured me things will be OK and we will make it through. I am so excited to be this close to welcoming our bundle of joy into the world. I already love our little Brooklyn more than I could imagine.

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