Jenna is getting married! And in grand Jenna style, of course we would go to the ultimate bachelor/ bachelorette weekend getaway: Las Vegas! We had such a blast spending all day at the pools and then dancing into the early morning at Hakkasan and XS. I am not a club person by any means but both places were pretty amazing. Friday night Tiesto was the DJ and David Guetta on Saturday night. I didn't realize how famous and accomplished these guys were with tons of their own music. Pretty cool to see them live. Sadly or not so sadly we didn't gamble at all. I kind of get anxiety losing more than $20 so I was glad people weren't interested in doing that. What a fun weekend to match the outrageously fun personality of Jenna. Can't wait for the wedding in September!
^^almost the whole bachelorette party: 14 girls total came!
^^me & the bride to be in matching suits!

^^these two are always laughing. and thats why they are my best friends <3

^^cruising the strip after the pool 

^^the crowds were insane. serious fire hazards everywhere, even the pool 
^^had to include this one. please notice david guetta's head in the crowd!

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