Thursday evening we boarded a red eye for Boston for the long awaited Smith-Colella wedding. I don't think I have ever seen a happier bride. I loved that they held hands for over 45 minutes during the entire service, it was so sweet. Sarah has been planning this wedding since we was 5 years old and it turned out just beautiful. Another first was Rob's sick dance moves. I say that in the most serious way. He was kind of the man out there. And I was lucky enough to be his dance partner. I loved this night, it brought back so many sweet memories of our wedding night. I felt extra romantic and was sure to let Rob know all night.

^^matching mommy-baby-sister outfits for our red eye

^^the I- do's!

^^and my eyelashes, which have inspired a current more permeant, fake eye lash 

^^oh, hey shawn
^^no, i am not pregnant. thanks for asking mom 

^^doesn't this picture look like 2005? i love it. 

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