October kids visit!

When I married Rob I not only got him but these three sweet step children as well... 

Sawyer, Drew & Brielle

I feel so lucky to have these little ones in my life. Growing up in a family of five I love the idea of lots of kids. The idea of taking care of so many not as much as actually having them so this works out just perfect! Even though Brooklyn is my first biological daughter she already has three older siblings to look up to and protect her. I just love that. 

The kids had a fall break so they stayed with us all week. We did lots of fun things, some highlights below.....

Meeting Brooklyn for the first time! 

Notice Brooklyn's shirt says "Little Sister." All three of the kids were so sweet and caring with her. I was a little nervous about Drew because he is only 5 but he was able to hold her when sitting on the floor. He was very confused about some of the noises she was making, he made me laugh. 

Halloween Haunted House & Carousel: 

Sawyer was very adamant about pushing the stroller. He did great! 

This clown man was getting a little too cozy haha.

Getting their fortunes read in the haunted house

End of the night- still happy and dancing 
This was a really fun night. The Saturday before Halloween they put up this big haunted house and let the kids go trick or treating inside. Most kids were dressed up, we didn't get the memo. Next year we will go in costumes. 

Some fun things around the house:

Picking the limes off the tree in the backyard. 

Home made lime-aid, the fruits of their labor (literally!) haha

Little arts and crafts wood painting. Who doesn't love that?

Brielle did awesome feeding Brooklyn.
I tried my hand at photography with Drew and Sawyer as my subjects. They were really cute and thought of different poses for me to shoot. 
This may be one of my favorite pictures. The kids laughed for hours getting swaddled and then breaking out. 
Some guitar time and dancing with dad. Brooklyn is loving it!

The Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz: 

Drew being spider man on the wall

Listening to the tour guide. Drew was having such a good time. 

For anyone who has kids ages 5+ this was SUCH FUN! We had to leave Brooklyn behind because it was an hour long walking tour up hills through the woods. We didn't think she would do so well. The tour guy was really quirky and made good children's jokes. I have to say the place is actually really freaky. I don't know if it defies gravity or what but I felt dizzy and all the pictures look weird. Try it yourself and see! 

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  1. you guys did so many fun things!! those kids are darling, and love seeing them all wrapped up in the blankets together!! glad i got to meet brielle..xo