Brooklyn's first trip to Boston

At nine weeks I did one of the scariest things possible: brought Brooklyn on a plane. I was so nervous she was going to get sick, especially because so many people would be holding and kissing her once we arrived in Boston. We flew on a red eye during the night and she was perfect. She slept the entire way! I think the rocking motion and humming of the plane put her to sleep.

I had a conference in Boston for work so she stayed with my family for the week while I was at the hospital during the day. Since my company is awesome they let me stay at my house and then we stayed the long weekend. We had such a fun time over our long weekend seeing friends and family. Friday night we had a welcome brooklyn to boston party, basically an after birth baby shower. Saturday we had a party with all my cousins and aunts and uncles. Sunday we relaxed with the family and attended Michael and Matthews hockey game. At night I went to see my friend Jenna's new house, which is amazing! On Monday we got lunch before heading back to the airport for CA. 

Brooklyn's First Boston visit: 

My mom dressed her too cute every day.

Brooklyn Welcome to Boston Party:

 I have the sweetest friends ever :) 

She is already a little diva. Demanding to be the center of attention all the time! 

The first junior butterfly! 

My favorite gift from my favorite friend- Count to sleep MA! I read it to Brooklyn almost every night. She will know all about Boston soon enough. 

Family Party: 

Some of my cousins above.

The two new grandmas! (that sounds so weird)

Brooklyn's first Hockey game:

She hated the cold. Such a California girl. 

Michael about to score! 

The twins post game. They were awesome! 

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  1. I LOVE THE CUTE TWINS!! i want to meet them!!! maybe when we come to boston someday :) keep up the blogging!