I cannot believe the day has come, my little baby is officially a toddler! The last year has no doubt been the best of our life. Brooklyn has blessed our family in ways I could never have imagined. At her first birthday she has three teeth, she is 75% weight and 95% height, mommy is her favorite person in the world, she loves baths, the pool, beach and ocean, her favorite book is Goodnight Moon, she holds her "baby" and gives it hugs, she gives kisses, she can say several words, my favorites are cookie and donkey, she loves her baba and binkey, she will let us brush her teeth just for a second then she finishes, she likes all and every food, some favorites are avocado, banana and sweet potato, she's very social and likes to play with her friends.

Her first birthday party was a blast! We decorated some tables and set up chairs in the center green area of our neighborhood. We had a petting zoo come, face painting, a cake smash and lots and lots of really good food. A special thanks to my mother-in-law Victoria for her amazing baking, father-in-law Bob for his grilling skills, my sister Lisa for organizing everything, my dad for helping set up and sister-in-law Shannon for more baking deliciousness. Brooklyn is so loved by family and friends, we felt an outpouring last week.

^^ some party-goers

^^ lucky we could have so many family members from the east bay and boston!
^^ the birthday girl! 

^^ i love my family 


^^the cake smash was everyone's favorite part

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  1. What a perfect party! Love your family pic! And I love where she's going to town on her cake!! Adorable :))