Four weeks left in this amazingly easy pregnancy! I thought having Brooklyn was easy, I really lucked out this time. No morning sickness, no acid indigestion, no constipation, no sciatic nerve pain (sorry if thats too detailed but mamas out there know these are the not fun parts of being pregnant). I wasn't able to escape that super tired feeling first trimester or the last and definitely am having a hard time sleeping recently but overall I can't complain. 

We are so excited to welcome our new little baby to the family. Its starting to feel real now as we begin to buy diapers, new carseats and things for the nursery. The only thing we have left to do now is name this little baby. We are having a REALLY hard time. We want the name to be perfect and fit our little girl really well we just can't find something. We know we are going to do Taylor (Rob's mother's maiden name) for the middle name. We have narrowed it down to a few first name selections and decided we will choose once we see our baby girl. It feels really risky not having something decided before the big date but we think this will be the best way. 

A sneak peak to one of our favorite combinations: 
It almost felt like a sign when I saw these little license plates next to each other in Hawaii. 

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  1. How cool if that is the name you decide on! Meant to be :)) And you look AWESOME!