Why does time need to move so quickly?
Every day when I look at Lydia I just want to freeze time and be able to enjoy every second of her. Part  me of loves seeing her grow more plump, stay awake longer, lift her head higher and look into my eyes a little bit more. The other, very selfish part of me wants her to stay a newborn forever; a tiny, precious little doll that sleeps and cuddles all day long.  
I remember around this time last year Brooklyn was a little over three months and I started to ask Rob if we could get pregnant again because I so much loved my very little newborn. That feeling is exactly the same minus wanting another baby, just yet. Two is defiantly a lot harder than one. This time around I think I will take my time enjoying being a mom of just two for a little longer.

^^First day home.  That binkey makes her look like a little fish.
^^Look at how tiny my little girl is! 

^^Angry selfie to my husband at 3AM who was sleeping on the couch. Ha-Ha, but not really. 
^^So sleepy, barely hanging on with those eyes. 

^^Lydia getting her suntan on. She was jaundice for the first few days. 

^^Oh the possibilities for these two being best friends. I just cannot wait to see their friendship grow. 
^^So overwhelmed with love. All the girls we took home from the hospital
^^Friends from Boston even came to visit! 
^^The first of what will be many trips to costco. 

^^Dancing in her disco outfit with grammy. 

^^Two weeks! Back to birth weight.. 8 pounds 

^^One of the few times this girl has cried... in her life. 

^^Sister-sister bath time. 
^^Sometimes the baby needs to stay in the bed. With your eye mask on, of course. 

^^Hanging out, admiring her big sister. 
^^Brooklyn looking pretty guilty. She has started a bad habit of hitting her sister for attention :( She was about to strike here until I yelled No-no! 

^^Halloween day. What a happy Halloween is was
^^First day at the beach! November 1st. (Brooklyn looks miserable because she just got crashed by a wave)
^^Lydia's favorite aunt, Lisa. The two hoofs snuggling on the couch. 
^^She actually, really looks like a doll. 

^^Most stylish car seat cover on the block. 

^^Oh Lydia, how I love you so! 

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