Today is November 1st and we went to the beach. It was 72 degrees with a perfectly sunny sky. Days like this are the reason I love living in California. These are the days that keep me happy when I miss my family and Boston.
We went to Seacliff State Beach in Aptos. This was Lydia's first trip to the beach and I must say, she really, really loved it! My little (very daring) water bug, Brooklyn of course loved it too. She raced in and out of the waves for a solid hour and a half. I have never seen a toddler love the beach and water more than her. It makes me wonder how Lydia will feel when she starts to run around.
I was pretty nervous to bring two babies to the beach alone. Everything was perfect until right before we left. I had to drunk Brooklyn in the water to wash her off then attempt to change her, as I did this she screamed for the crackers she saw Ty eating, Lydia had a blow out and was screaming to eat as well. Lucky for me, my awesome friend Carrie came to the rescue to rock Lydia while I dealt with Brooklyn. Next summer with two running toddlers is going to be a challenge but for now I am game to take these two to the beach any day. 

^^Big sister/ little sister.
Closest thing we are getting to a smile lately. {sigh}
^^My baby's foot steps. Precious

^^Lydia's first time at the beach! We didn't have any swim suits her small size. :-/
^^This was our day. Lydia in the baby carrier, Brooklyn dashing in and out of the water,  Mom rescuing her  each time the waves carried her away.

^^My very favorite part of the day. Brooklyn spotted this seagull stealing her bag of veggie sticks from our bag. She pointed and started screaming, "No! No!" over and over again as she chased him down. This was a 3+ minute chase. She persisted until the seagull dropped the bag and she recovered the snack.  I could not have been more proud in that moment. Love this girl and her fierce determination, (and her love of food). 

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  1. sooo cute and fun. let's beach with the boys soon!!!
    that chase of the seagull is hilarious! go little b! XOXOXO