This post took me a little while to put together because there were so many pictures! I'm not sure if it was the four week old baby/ no sleep combination or the sheer amount of celebrations we attended but I felt really overwhelmed this year. 
My mom is so creative for holidays and always made sure we were creating the best memories, that is all I was trying to do. {sigh} Instead I felt too tired and was in a bad mood at a few of these events (I know, poor me right). Next year we are going to be a little more strategic on the things we dress up for- not just go to anything and everything that says "Halloween".
Brooklyn had two costumes and my poor second child Lydia had none. She used Brooklyn's from last year on the night of Halloween and I dressed her in some cute lack and orange get-ups for the other days. 

The Halloween madness lasted the entire month of October. We started with the pumpkin patch when my mom was in town, went to the happy hallow halloween fest, had a dress up play date with friends, a Halloween dinner party with friends, the church trunk or treat, Rob's Halloween concert in SF, trick or treated at Santana Row on Tuesday, then downtown Willow Glen on Wednesday and concluded the month with a Halloween party and night time trick or treating at a friends house. 
Just writing all of that actually made me tired. Kind of glad October is over (and my sleep-less nights), looking to a less activity filled November and December. 

^^Prop pictures at Happy Hallow.
^^First night in the Minnie costume- looking nice and new! Halloween {chili and corn bread} dinner at friend's house.
^^The mouse ears were a little big. Brooklyn marched around the church gym in a Halloween parade. 
^^Lydia wasn't feeling the night. Maybe because I was too lazy to get her an actual costume. 
^^Trying to show off my Disney poncho. We were suppose to be tourists. The costumes were genius to me and my sister but no one else knew what we were. Guess we are a little more die hard Disney than most. 
^^Lisa giving out the candy with Lydia in our non-decorated trunk. Ours was probably the worst car. We know better for next year. 

^^Counting/ surveying her candy. Such a candy lover it drives me crazy! 
^^Ponchos, ears, jeans, sports shirt and sneakers. SCREAMS Disney tourist, anyone??
^^With the gal that inspired the outfit, little Minnie
^^Back stage with my rockstar husband, literally. 
^^Killing it on stage! Proud groupie wife ;)
White swan/Black swan. We needed something last minute and I had a black tutu, done and done. 
^^The wings!
^^Trick or Treating at Santana Row. This day she dressed in her Dancing with the Stars costume. It was a little cold so she needed a jacket, which kind of ruined the outfit. 
^^The not so tiny dancer with candy in hand, of course. 
^^Lydia's Halloween day outfit.
^^My candy monster. Hearing her scream "ANNNNDdy, ANNNNDdy, ANNNNDdy" over and over and over never gets old.  
^^Halloween night! Party at Ambers. We attempted a kids picture which turned into we need the moms also,  picture. 
^^Lyd's hand-me-down costume. Poor girl. Next year she is getting the best costume around!

^^Family shot on Halloween. Love them <3

^^Daddy and Lydia. She's his little buddy 
^^My little buddy. 

^^Lisa came home from work in the best outfit and looked exactly like a big Minnie! It was perfect.
^^The best part of the whole night was seeing her knock on the door and then say "thank you" after she received the candy. 

^^Halloween confusion.
^^Brooklyn and one of her best, Ty!

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  1. You guys are the cutest!

    Due to Brooklyn's love of cancy, you need to watch this http://jezebel.com/watch-a-bunch-of-kids-find-out-their-halloween-candy-is-1458869856