A few weeks ago when my mom was in town we brought Brooklyn to get her first hair cut. My mom was pretty adamant there wasn't enough hair to cut and it was unnecessary. Against her suggestions I went forward making an appointment at the most expensive children's hair salon I could find. Hey, you only get your first hair cut one time. We showed up early and I giddily took her "before pictures" then gave my mom the camera to take a few of us both. I wanted to be sure to document this very important milestone. The hairdresser started surveying her hair and to my horror said there really wasn't much to do. She recommended against cutting the hair and said in a few weeks I would regret it. 
My mom was right. 
She let me know for the rest of the trip: Mother is always right. 

^^Before picture. She was ready to get a trim! 
^^Surveying the hair
^^Telling me she wasn't so sure about the cut.. 
^^My moment of defeat. 

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