Thanksgiving in AZ

We got to spend Thanksgiving week in warm and sunny Arizona with Rob's family... 

Brooklyn's second flight went really well, again! She's born to travel. She is still a lap child however I think if I could understand her speak she would request her own seat. 

It worked out perfect with my work schedule. I was able to be down there Monday-Wednesday at different hospitals but spend time with everyone in the evening. Thursday and Friday were holidays and then we spent the weekend. His sister Shannon's family came down in addition to his grandmother, two uncles, parents and his other sister Emily's family lives there. We all gathered at my in- laws for the week.... Lots of Williams in the house! 

Aunt Shannon & B
Great-Grandma Barbera
Papa, Uncle Randy and Sawyer

I attempted a daily work out. I think we went twice. Rob and Sawyer got into a little race action. We never see cactus so it was pretty fun to walk through the desert and look at all the different vegetation. Sawyer is the only child that will accompany me on walks, hikes even runs. 

Victoria is a master at all things cooking so naturally Thanksgiving dinner was amazing. She taught Brielle how to crimp the pie crust. Brielle was very proud of her accomplishments! We had a oven baked turkey and a deep friend one as well. Bob lead the deep fried attempts with the other boys. I didn't get a group shot just the Martha Stewart efforts at decorating from Victoria and then kids table outdoors. 

My little turkey, festive as always! 

One afternoon we took the kids to the Arizona Children's Museum. Super fun, I was actually having a great time (child at heart right here). My favorite place was a pretend grocery store and food stands. These little kids were working the ice-cream booth Brielle and I hit up a few times. The play structure was pretty sweet too. 

The best part of Arizona the end of November is the weather! 85 degrees and a heated pool equals endless swimming. The kids were in the pool for hours every single day. Rob is included in the kids group, we really enjoying swimming and being in the sun. One of the things I love the most about Rob is how much he genuinely enjoys playing with his children. He will spend endless hours throwing them, swimming with them, playing water games, anything that entertains them. He is the best. 

Brooklyn swam for the first time! She loves a bath more than anything in the world so we assumed she would be thrilled about this as well. And oh yes, were we ever right. 

My favorite part of the week was spending time with my husband and children.  Watching my step kids interact with their little sister melts my heart. I love all four of them more than words can describe. 

Brielle and Brooklyn definitely have a special bond. She was pretty much holding, playing or kissing her every waking hour. Brooklyn is pretty lucky to have an older sister so great! 


  1. perfect thanksgiving!! love all the pictures and it looks like you had the best time in warm AZ. you are a babe in every picture! xoxo

  2. How darling is your little one - toooo cute!

    Pearls & Paws

  3. I am SOOOOO cute. Those pies looked amazing. They were so fun to make! Brooklyn!!!!