Brooklyn started swim lessons!!!! 
We have been thinking about putting her in a class forever but decided now we really need to. In two months Rob and I will be bringing all our kids to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Five kids being watched by only two adults, in a foreign country, with lots of pools and an ocean intimidates me a lot little. 
We decided it would be safest if Brooklyn had some swimming experience before we go. 
It was so exciting to see her swim! She is a total natural and loves the water. The first class was a little hard because she isn't use to going underwater and she was also a afraid of the male instructor. Ha. Rob did the second class with her and she was already a lot more comfortable. 
Soon enough our little fishy will be swimming!

^^On the back, not an easy one for her

^^The scary instructor :)~

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  1. Oh my gosh these pictures are SO cute!!!! :) Brooklyn is such a star! :)