I can't explain the Sophie the giraffe phenomena but its real. The website claims this is the "most popular teething toy available," is made 100% natural, by hand and the design or manufacturing hasn't changed in 50 years. There is something to be said about a tried and true toy. Sophie also stimulates touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing. WOW! I would describe the toy as a little plastic giraffe that has a squeak feature, makes Brooklyn drool a lot and keeps her entertained for a really, really long time. She will sit and just chew, chew, chew or roll around on the ground chewing the toy at every angle.
These are some older picture of Brooklyn but she looked so cute chewing on her sophie I had to put them up.


  1. so cute..you have to remind me of all these good toys, etc when i have a baby one day!

  2. So funny. We totally thought...."ummm this is a DOG TOY..." when we got one. But sure enough my little guy loves it! So weird....