Rob's sweet grandma turned 90 this last month! Grandma Barbara is sweet, thoughtful and totally full of life. We get to see her pretty often considering she lives in Utah. The trip to visit was pretty quick we got in super late Friday night and left early Sunday, with a few delays in there. We jammed a lot into those 24 hours! The day started at Barbara's open house, then spent a few hours hanging at a park and driving around Utah then it was off to the family dinner and finally a sweet stop at sodalicious.
Happy Birthday Grandma Barbara!!!

^^3 hour delay in LA to start the weekend off.. 
^^9AM arm length diet coke, we have arrived in Utah- land of excess soda 

^^brooklyn could not stop touching barbara's collection table. it wasn't her fault; it was just her height!

^^honoring the lady herself at the open house

^^brother-sister jam session in the park
^^aunt emily! 

^^a sodalicious stop!  

^^love him
^^my dirty diet coke & sugar cookie, at long last 

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