Lydia is eight months! 
She is doing so many new fun things lately. 
She can crawl, still kind of on her belly.
She can pull herself up and stand.
She can totally sit up unsupported. 
She can clap her hands.
She rocks her body to music.
She has the most perfect baby doll face.
Her hair, although a little thinner is growing back. 
She loves the sand and water. 
She wants to be included in anything Brooklyn is doing.
You can't find a picture of this girl not smiling. 
Brooklyn still uses her as a doll prop.
She likes to snuggle with an animal every night.
She just got upgraded into a big girl carseat. 
She loves music and even to hear me(!) sing.
We still get stopped everywhere we go with people telling
us just how adorable she is. 
We love you Lydia Taylor Williams! 

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