I bought a potty for Brooklyn several months ago with the hope of one less kid in diapers. She will sit down on it from time to time but hasn't been motivated. A girl of my own heart, a hello kitty lover I decided to bribe her with "hello kitty panties."She has been so excited about wearing them but I told her she would need to do peepee and poopoo in the potty. She agreed but as soon as the diaper was off she totally fell apart. We tried for two days with tears, bringing me her diaper and begging me to put it back on, peeing on the floor more times than I want to count, even refusing to sit on the potty. The conclusion: this 22 month old is not ready. The hello kitty panties have been put away and will be brought back out in a few months. I still love you so much Brooklyn and I love those hello kitty panties. We will wear them soon enough! 

^^so excited at target purchasing those panties!

^^so much promise...
^^second day, the excitement starting to wane 

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